Hard at work – notes for Wolfe

So right now I am working hard on the affordable range for ebay, the shoes, and the Supermix project.

I am planning to release Supermix in stages, and in small amounts. This is for two reasons, one is that it is in test marketing phase, and I want to iron out any potential problems before any significant outlay, and the second is that I want to talk to Wolfe about my supply chain when the game is finished, since I am rather confident that he will have significant input on both.

I am doing this now, so that I have another store or ten set up whilst I am doing further immediate work to generate more working capital.  This is to avoid borrowing or outlay that I would rather spend on the house.  I have a number of projects to do on it before any further aggression from the scum family, and I do not require any input from stupid people.

I am also setting things up in case I manage to land a regular public speaking gig, which I think will help with the Wolfe side of the project – no I am not trying to distract him from his children, I am entirely confident that we can cope with putting things on a more professional footing once the work is actually done.

Everything I have done so far has been groundwork, and there is significantly more to be done before any question of money arises.

I do realise Wolfe will find this astonishing, however we do have tortoise versus hare situation here, and my tortoise is moving significantly faster in some respects than his hare. I think so far I managed to get him into several arenas he would not otherwise have covered, and there is still more work to do.

For those readers who fail to understand this, I am neither a superfan nor a servant, I am employing a complex and large scale strategy which costs nothing and covers a lot of ground, in order to lay a foundation for a taller construction in terms of the eventual outcome.  If you don’t understand what that means, it is probably because your brain is under developed because you do not practise the correct exercises in terms of development.  It is of great importance that you balance any academic or self development work with a three dimensional sense of how it eventually looks, if you want to create more advanced strategies.

Anyway, I happen to think the outcome of the project is worth it, so it is important to get all this stuff done.

I want to get a series of business books out, they will be quite abstract, the work for Boris needs to be moved along, and I need the current range of more immediate products to be sitting advertising my brand before I even think about doing anything else.

I have three jobs alongside the contracts, that I would like to be doing on top of this, each for different but important reasons.  It is important to have contingencies in place, for one thing, but for another it is very difficult to create if you are worried about stupid mundane things like money.

So, reasonably happy with progress now that I lack distractions.  It is lonely and tiring – I fell asleep mid sentence earlier, but come the spring, I think we will be seeing some positive developments from the Ina Disguise project.


Much affection,






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