Where is Bawbag?

Happy birthday to my beloved Wolfe, who is 52 today!

So, I am wondering where Bawbag is, as he has made himself scarce of late.

His shop is now let, which makes me wonder if he has in fact just negotiated himself right back in and is taking a privileged holiday in Libya prior to returning. I did notice his own crew whitewashing the windows a month or so back.

I actually quite miss him, which is strange.  He didn’t make himself much of a source of happiness all things considered.

Little Shiva has been on this website more often than I have recently.  Do not worry, Little, I am working on the rest of the collection.  The chair is a big problem, but only because I was concerned about other things.

Went down the rabbit hole of Hedge Fund Research last week, and discovered a dying art.  The business is being disrupted by web based offerings and is not a good career move, as it turns out, although had they been paying an even slightly realistic rate I would have given it a shot.

I am now investigating the world of freelance business consultancy.  Were I to go into this, I could be clearing a couple of thousand a week, however I am wary.  I was under the impression from the material on offer that English teaching, which I also do from time to time was a growth business, and as it turns out it is the most ageist field you could possibly pick.  The Chinese like very young thin blonde, preferably American teachers according to many schools, so although I loved it, because Chinese children are incredibly good fun and wonderful characters, I was not going to make a full time income from it easily.  I am considering an evening gig, but I may be considering it for longer than it takes to set up a dropshipping website.

The collection, which has now been underway for three years, is still an epic task and I am hoping to build up a decent budget for filming by the time it is complete.  I am very disciplined now about how I work it, so that I do not experience illness or burnout, so by the time it is finished it will have been entirely funded by my day jobs. Thereafter I will be moving further into media, as this is a worthy cause for time investment.

Anyway, still on the hunt for an income that exceeds the time put into it by a more impressive degree, and am considering dabbling some more in the property world. This is because last week was my highest earning week ever, so I am feeling unusually positive.

But where is Bawbag?

Toodle pip,



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