Letter to Blank

Dear Director of Blank,

I contacted customer services this week to find out how to have my website blocked from your servers. I require either someone who takes misuse of Blank resources seriously, or I simply require the address of IT Services so that I may ask them to do it. It takes seconds for IT to do this, and means that Blank staff will no longer be able to access my site at work.

I made this request as earlier this year, I was terminated from a contract for sending a member of staff an instant message offering them a book about stress. I was told that this was inappropriate use of Blank resources.  This despite the same staff member circulating my website amongst your staff for no apparent reason that I can fathom against my wishes.

As the individual concerned still works at Blank, I am sure he would be more comfortable in the knowledge that staff were not staring at my website, and since evidently he is acceptable, and I am not, to the point that the contract company has permanently damaged my record and any prospective career has been completely destroyed, surely it would be better to eradicate all trace of me from the workplace? I have applied for work at Blank a number of times now, and apparently I will never be able to return thanks to this incident.

Imagine my surprise on contacting customer services to be told by Blankette that she was unable to even consider contacting the relevant person as staff are entitled to do what they like with computers in  their ‘down time,’ (why would they be having down time at work?) and that any concerns I have are a ‘civil matter.’  She clearly does not know what she is saying.  In what way is simply doing as I ask a civil matter?  It has nothing to do with either of us.  I just want my website free of stupid people and irrelevant hits, and I would prefer Little Shiva not to have a nervous breakdown because of his own rubbish.

Not only am I to lose my income and any prospects with Blank for sending an instant message, I cannot even have any consideration in terms of ensuring that staff at Blank are unable to pester me or the person that got me fired whilst they are supposed to be working for Blank.

I strongly suspect that nobody actually has any rules at Blank, and that you simply make it up as you go along according to the laziest, stupidest and most irritating option. That is not good business, now is it?



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