Project update

Unable to tell if it is Boris or Little Shiva as you are both showing as the same just now, but hi. I am not working on artwork at all at the moment because of the lack of film project.

There doesn’t seem a whole lot of point when I cannot complete the project.  I have considered moving the film part to another area of Glasgow, and since I didn’t make the stuff there, it doesn’t seem terribly relevant.

I have a couple of work related things on the go at the moment which will hopefully keep me busy for a while as this is not much fun.  I no longer trust anybody so there is no way of obtaining any assistance with the projects.

I did want to get it done this year due to age, but since Bawbag is bored, waiting to go to jail, making threats and continuing to pull the same bullshit my family used to pull, I don’t think I will do it at all. It’s just a waste of my time and money.

It is unfortunate that there is no treatment for people that are as boring and miserable.  I had to listen to hours and hours of his drivel whilst making the original table, only to be told that this was meaningless, with some additional accusations.  I am no longer interested.

And just for information, the police can manage to come to my car and ask how I am anytime he asks, but cannot apparently do anything to preserve what would have been a hefty investment into the film. Why should I bother?


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