8 weeks later

It has now been 8 weeks since I was unfairly terminated over a non existent relationship that failed to happen over a 7 week period.

The bank and management noobs involved are still obsessing over the website.  Evidently I made an impression.

They are still trying to hit posts that were removed weeks ago.  One of them consists of two sentences and a nice graphic of one finger.

Meanwhile, I have come up with a solution which would suit everyone, even the vile couple.

This is the difference between a leader and some followers.  I am about a hundred miles further away from this.

This tendency to look at things too closely is what makes people stupid.  I am constantly thankful for my alternative career.

I do miss him though, even though he doesn’t actually do anything apart from stare and get annoyed.  This is silly.  I have met some very nice, calm down to earth people who know nothing about my alter ego, and life is much less fraught now.

I have made some very good contacts recently, so I do have other things to do, however I am still driven to make sure that 1.  SB2’s career doesn’t get destroyed because of the company he keeps. and 2. Staff get to have some peace and dignity in the future.

I am so sorry that isn’t good enough for you all. Perhaps you should move somewhere more bitter and inane.



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