Finding your happy place


Regular readers will know that my writing a post like this is very odd, given what has happened over the last couple of weeks.  Obviously what I was feeling about the Wolfe Era was not what I interpreted it as, because I cannot tell you how relieved I was to be off the hook after the initial flush of fury.

My theory on why he provokes such a strong reaction in people is that he is using hypnosis techniques and they are misfiring somewhat.  The NLP is great, and makes you feel a lot better, but, particularly if you end up spending a lot of money on him as many Americans do, it seems to end up with a period of utter fury, which is what I spent my downtime on over the last few years.

Anyway, enough about him.  Mystery solved.  His wife was, apparently, the last person I spoke to before all the garbage started.  I had assumed it was him taking the mickey, but I now realise that she was protecting her future.  Fair enough, I didn’t want your future anyway, whoever you are.

So, now that I am relieved of the worry of that lengthy period of misery, I am working on making myself happy.  I am heartily sick of putting other people first, with the obvious exception of my mother, who continues to be very spoilt.

So, in honour of making myself happy, I have invested in some me-specific herbs, moved onto supermix, I now drink a lot of water, and I am persisting with my self re-modelling.  I have even, after all these years, started actually wearing my corset collection.  I used to buy them and then hide them with the rest of my ‘oddments’ so there are rather a lot.

If you are sexually neglected, or even just pissed off with your partner’s idea of a sex life, which is likely to be kind of repetitive in my experience, a corset is exactly what you need to cheer yourself up.  It reminds you of your bits, it hugs you all day long, and it makes you look better in clothes.  In my advanced state of poor posture, caused by crouching over my needlework and computer, it also allows you to do a lot more exercise, since your back has some support.  So, I think we can safely say that the future Ina is going to be wearing a lot of tailored clothing and strictly firm underwear.

Weight loss is slow by my standards at the moment, but I am aware that the new requirement to walk every day is likely to have increased my blood plasma, and several painful lumps have subsided.  Still getting a few ergonomic twinges, but I am sure that with persistence they will go as they did the last time.  Restarted my old channel on youtube, and found I was not nearly as crazy as I thought I must be.  I just wanted to get on with some work.  Why was that so hard to understand?

Not getting on with much in the way of artwork at the moment, but the books are going very well, thanks to the new additions.  Long may my lower-stress approach be allowed to continue unmolested.


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