Poop and beauty – the awful truth

Poop and beauty – the awful truth

Continuing on my health series of posts, you can find the rest in the tag cloud if you haven’t been following them, here is the awful truth about beautiful skin.  You need to devote yourself to producing better quality poop.


I realise that this did not work for Gillian McKeith, the queen of poop, however she had the disadvantage of several generations of poverty stricken Scots in her family.  For premium quality poop, you might want to consider someone with more fat in their diet.


The mid section of the face gives your age away faster than anything.  Many young people have double chins, eyebags, drooping flesh due to poor diet and habits, but when you actually do age, there is a tiny difference in the rate of droop which makes it easy to tell what age you actually are.  I had no idea until I went raw that this was a question of what you are putting in your mouth.  Eye bags and double jowls are actually optional for most of us.  In extreme cases, you find people with genetic eye bags and jowls, but I am fortunate in having a good example in the case of my mother that this is not necessarily the case.  After her stroke, the physiotherapist actually asked how she had managed her looks, she was so different from the rest of the patients in the geriatric stroke ward.


“Gentle walking for an hour a day and eating chocolate behind a newspaper.” I laughed.  My father, the health nut, did not enjoy nearly as good health as my mother has in her dotage.  Little and often applies to exercise as much as it does diet.


As I have said before, dairy is largely responsible for the tell tale middle section of your face.  I am not going to condemn dairy entirely, but as with fruit, it needs to be accompanied with a large quantity of vegetable fibre for your body to process it quickly enough. Thanks to the raw period, I am aware that I can eradicate this unpleasant area, and at my age, it is important that I do not let it hang around as the next decade will establish the permanent record of my mismanagement.


So, welcome to the advanced class in terms of transitioning your diet.  I had to explain this to Twisty, a former nurse, as he had always been informed that firm stools were desirable.  Those transitioning from a normal diet will find this part of your raw journey quite shocking, but it is entirely manageable.


The F Plan diet, a dry and unpleasant way of using bran to increase the fibre in your diet in order to lose weight, popular in the early 1980s, had it partially right, but nobody was drinking enough water back then, and frankly flax is better than bran due to the nutrient content.  Your poop is not meant to be firm at all.  Your poop, in fact, should be at dropping consistency, similar to cake mix.  Going raw, or partially raw, helps with this enormously due to the fibre and water content but for the ultimate in high quality poop, I choose to go with Supermix.


The Supermix that I make, which is peculiar to my range of issues, is formulated for quality blood, quality poop, weight loss, high nutrient content and bowel health.  Twisty can now testify that it does not process the same way as normal food does at all, and the effects are immediate.  Instead of one bowel movement a day, you quickly go to three or more, which is exactly what you want to do for translucent skin and a healthier system generally.  I choose not to waste it if I am having a normal food phase, so I like to have a very healthy diet happening before I start.  This way it is not quite as big a surprise that I have to visit the loo five times a day instead of one to three.


Any female beauty, especially those known for great skin, is aware that a slow digestive system dulls your skin, makes you fat and generally takes your energy down by several notches, but nobody tells you about this rather unglamorous aspect of maintaining your looks.  It is important to stay hydrated, and it is just as important to encourage a speedy digestive system.  Exercise helps with this, but in the absence of your motivation or ability to get out more, or simply because you want fast results, speedy food is extremely helpful.


You can easily do the research and make a supermix to suit yourself, as mine has 80 ingredients and is formulated for me personally. When you get to the point in your raw journey and exploration where you are ready to try something more advanced, it is well worth putting in some reading time to do it yourself.  Otherwise, mind your poop if you want to look your best and most beautiful. Your mood will also improve, which is probably more important than looking in the mirror in terms of beauty.

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