The end of the long, long haul

So, we are now into embellishment and potential dismantling of Haram Bawbag, and Little Shiva is now undergoing structural reinforcement prior to the resin layers.  It is an enormous and complex piece of work, which involves a lot of fiddling.

We have had Little Shiva needing a seatbelt, Little Shiva being too difficult to move, Little Shiva being largely guesswork because of the size and apparent impossibility of embroidering a giant 3 dimensional shape.  It is going very well, however and so far going to plan.

There is a very small amount of assembly left, and I need to make the base to enable it to move freely on the base without destabilising it as it weighs an awful lot, and I am expecting to add another 40 kilos or so before it is complete.

I now need to locate an irritated vendor in India, who has been waiting for me to order for over a year.

Haram Bawbag is slightly held up with covid issues due to slow delivery, but is also going very much according to plan, and I am hopeful that it will be finished next week or so.

There are still a dozen or so cushions to finish for the Sikh section, and as this collection is a lot of surface work, will be moving back into more fluid 3d shapes for the next collection.  I will be doing a smaller collection next time though, as this one will be released over about six months and has made me ill at least once over the last two years.

Couple of Boris pieces still to finish, but I will be investing in some polishing agents before release as I am getting considerably more experienced with resin now.

Anyway, tonight is waterproofing, which will take all night and then some reinforcements in order to set the tongues in place.  This is so that the outer shell is one fluent piece.  It is trixy but fun.

Toodle pip


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