New Short Story on the way

So I have a new short story coming, it is for the personality disorder series, and it is another Cluster B, but I think this one would more properly fit into the Anti-Social Personality Disorder category, although the subject has a mish mash of a few and also fitted the profile of a malignant.

I think we are almost ready to put the Personality Disorder stories out as a paperback, I may write up a Borderline sufferer I met as well to finish up.

I still havent collated Short Misadventures, but we have three or four paperback sized books now, so I will think about whether I want to put them out.  Some of them were quite rough because I was more interested in publishing and the process than I was in publicity at the time. I am sure a bit of editing and thinking about them won’t go amiss.

That’s it for now.

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