Cutesy Stories

Who knows how cute the next story will be?  I wonder what the level of cute in your story indicates?

I am very interested in the amount of swapping going on in the stories.  I do not interact with the Incredibly Beautiful Man terribly much, but I seem to have an awful lot to say, so much so that it takes several different characters to say it all.  I am quite happy with the way things are developing so far, although I am only marginally less terrified than I was in the first place.

I am looking a lot more writerly however, so it is a very useful process.

Also started sculpting the chair last night.  It is a big job, but I think it will be worthwhile, if somewhat expensive.

We are now entering a very difficult time, as five months has apparently been judged sufficient for my siblings to utterly disrespect my mother and I following their display of enthusiasm for her death.  They have made years of expensive mistakes which they frankly cannot afford to pay for.

I am, needless to say, less than impressed by the murderous little shits.  I wonder how much they think twenty two years of harassment and negative behaviour is worth?  I cannot imagine being them, so it is hard to imagine that they actually believe they would deserve anything.

This has been a hard month, however I am sure next month will be better.  Still waiting for cables, sigh.




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