Awaiting improved camera

So, Haram Bawbag is largely finished, I think I might tweak a couple of things before the poster pics.

Little Shiva is awaiting the arrival of some parts as I have a small issue with the part that you actually sit in, although it is now in shape so I have actually sat in it and its very nice to sit in.  I also need to get started on the windows and think about the actual shell.

I have also cut the base, which has to be large for balance and am about to start tiling it.

The soft stuff is at stage four and looking quite good but one item is really next generation so I might save it for the next collection.

Sick of disordered people on the website now, not sure why they can’t find better things to do since I have stopped updating on personal things. Go and get some medical assistance with your obsession.

Thinking of creating a retail gallery to get people moving around a bit again.

May discuss this with friends.

Will try to get the new mac set up today so that I may create some posters for my printer.


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