Progress Report

Progress Report


The Mandala is progressing well, if slowly and the new addition is looking quite nice.  I think it will be a good piece of work.  I have purchased a replacement 20 kilos or so of wool, and have my eye on a place selling it by the ton. The tiling on Wolfish continues to go slowly but well, although I am not sure how I will assemble it without help as it is 8 feet tall.


No progress so far on the books, I am still wrestling with three computers.  Two of them can be finished as soon as I get to them, and the other one I think I will sell for parts, as the motherboard seems to need replacing.  Whilst this is not difficult, it is not cost effective to save the rest of it.


My friend has finally gone home, and I have been on supermix for about a fortnight, as previously mentioned.  I feel a lot better and my clothes are indicating that I have shifted some weight, which is always nice. The eyebags, from stress, are lifting and altogether it is a relief not to be providing treats for the never-ending houseguest.  I think I will spend today on the garden and cleaning up after the messy bit of the mandala carpet.


I am wondering what to do about a friend who suffers from psychosis.  Normally I just remove myself until it passes, but the prolonged episodes seem to be worsening, and since he usually chooses to attack me first, I do not feel particularly safe.  It is very difficult to know what to do.


You would think, given my mother’s unpredictable and delusional family, that I would be used to this, but I am not.  It is very difficult to know what to do when somebody is psychotic.  They insist that your wishes are subordinate, that there is nothing at all wrong with their need to do whatever weird thing that pops into their head – whether this is merely irritating, to extremely dangerous and unnecessary.  It always has a cost, and they never pay it.


You get tired of being lied to, you get tired of the mean-spirited selfishness, and you get particularly tired of the violence that inevitably follows.  I am no longer willing to put myself at risk from someone who has physically attacked me twice, and wanted to hundreds of times.  I cannot help this person, and as a psychiatrist who once treated him said, pursuing a cure is pointless because that, in itself, produces psychosis.


So, the only thing I can do is keep the doors locked and avoid this person.  I dread to think what he is doing to some unsuspecting victim from the comfort of his flat.  In the past he has made complaints to damage the life of people he has met only once.  You can imagine how worrying this is when you have had this person around for any length of time.


So that is today.  I am sorry to say that you are best to avoid such people.  It is a shame, because they need company to ensure that they do not damage themselves or other people.

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