Day 30 of 2020

So I have now acquired another four qualifications, and am working as a specialist teacher.  I have also been working on some robot training on a linguistics project, which has been quite enjoyable so far.

I have also completed two artsy courses, and have another six courses to complete on the other project, which is likely to be more applicable to the website.

Tomorrow I will be reopening one of the shops, and probably working on some other stuff.

Taking a bit of time off the sewing, and feeling a little bit better as a result.  Still a lot of work to do and I am itching to move things on. The graphics courses, surprisingly are a bit of a chore, but it is essential.

Met an astonishing mentor, who has given me several alternative  but essential directions to pursue, and am looking forward to things settling down a bit so that I can work with her.

Need to do a bit of work on the other websites, so I will be remaining quiet for a bit.

I seem to be achieving quite a bit though, so happy with that.

Haven’t seen much of Bawbag recently. Grumpy looking rather sheepish, which is quite gratifying.

Need to sort out my ITIN again which is an absolute bore.  Why a country the size of America has a tax office which would barely accomodate the accountancy of Whitburn I do not know.

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