Update prior to making some changes

Tomorrow is likely to be a big day, as I am hoping to get Haram Bawbag to the final stage, and perhaps release it next week.  I will be getting some posters made of all the work this time, as there is no point in me making it if I do not show it to anybody.

Thinking about him a lot, as I met his current partner last week or so.  She seems like a steady person, which is what he probably needs.

It is amazing after all his rubbish that I am still quite fond of him.  The issues raised have been interesting to say the least. Otherwise respectable people are driven quite mad by Bawbag, he really has getting under your skin down to a fine art.

It takes a special kind of forbearance and a great deal of distance to have a long term friendship with a difficult person, but I think he has made a rather nice piece of work.  Assuming that the final stages go well, we should have a very worthwhile piece.

Now driving a new car, which is odd.  I went for something a little bit less scruffy than usual this time.  It had better last as I do not want to buy a new car for a long time.

This week has been very busy for money, so I will be depositing some unexpected cash.

Once this collection is finished it is time to start the next phase of work, and I have a lot of work to do with various taxation bodies in the near future.  Sounds like no fun, but like cleaning, you feel so much better after you’ve done it.

Have reverted to my neurotic health diet, as I was starting to look a bit tattier than I can stand.  Looking forward to having more spare time after this lot is out.

Little Shiva is killing me, it is not at all easy.



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