Preparations for next appointment

Doing a general upgrade of a variety of things at the moment.  Still not quite managing to get rid of the remaining cushion on my front, but skin, hair etc is improving a little, although I have to say, coming out of ketosis is quite aging.

Still being shoved around a little because of the last job, but I should have that dealt with in time for my next posts, which I am looking forward to very much.

The wardrobe is also changing, and I seem to be getting more, rather than less eccentric in my choices.  Stealing from history rather a lot, with a strong cosmopolitan theme running throughout.  Thinking of taking up more interesting hats.

I will be catching up with a few other things before I start, so I am looking at a week or two before I jump back into the fire.

Cross fingers that things will be better rather than worse than expected for a change.

Ooh and I nearly forgot – I managed to get a couple of things made for the updated and ‘easier to manage with one person’ Boris project, so I will be back on track with that soon too.

Toodle pip


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