Having a hate moment

I am uploading the blog, section by section to youtube at the moment.  I doubt it will help any, but I became distracted for long enough to have a run through the David Wolfe search.


He is very unpopular with some sections of the community, and even I agree with some of what they say, although overall, I would rather he made sufficient impact to get to more people.


I do think he would have been wise to drop the vegan BS a lot earlier.  Even I knew he wasn’t a vegan the minute I saw him, and I have avoided vegans all my life, as the first ones I met were throwing nails under horses to protect foxes.  What is vegan about that?  That is a class war, that isn’t veganism.  I quickly drew the conclusion from the vegans I knew, that judging other people was way more important to them than animals.


It struck me, as I searched, how much I dislike the sales style, the boiler room conventions, the vacant hippy sitting next to him, the shirts, the pithy approach.  I have avoided actually listening for years.  I think he got maybe 4 months of actual attention before I stopped looking or listening.  This is a short timespan in which to get people to buy into your ethos.  I realise, from my correspondents that most people last longer, and certainly spend a lot more than I did.  I knew what the deal with David was pretty early on, so I determined that no matter what else I did, he was not going to be getting any actual money.


I see he has made it into a movie, as a particularly annoying character.  It is a shame that Andy Samberg was insufficiently popular to name him as the inspiration for Cuckoo, also, as it might have done him some good in the UK.


It is all quite depressing.  I am less surprised now at the strong element of feeling sorry for him.  My life is a disaster, but at least I have some privacy and time.  At least I can accept the gifts that life offers now and again, and refrain from this obsession with taking that he has.  I frequently mistake this for oblique acknowledgement, but really it is just lack of imagination.  It makes me very sad, that nothing that I do will ever be good enough, and yet he still feels quite free to check in and see if there is anything worth taking.


I will never be rich, but I will always be original.

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