Enough already

You were on the website 11 times yesterday.

Your employer was on the website twice.

Your idiot friend was on the website almost as much as you.

You destroyed my job.  You have curtailed my project temporarily.  You have made my life unpleasant.

Your unhappiness is not my fault.  If you want to change something about your life to make yourself happier, you know what to do.  You have kind of blown it in this direction, don’t you think?

To a normal person, that would indicate that you should now go and do something else.

I would suggest that you do not follow the instructions of somebody who should not be allowed anywhere near staff.

I would also suggest that you stop doing whatever you are doing that is making you get bigger every time I see you, otherwise losing all that weight will be kind of pointless since your testicles will shrink and you will lose what is left of your hair.

Do you seriously want that to happen, alongside the mood swings and inability to do your job properly?

I cannot help you any further. You went along with bad advice, therefore you made sure of that.

It is time for you to do something else.

I am not sure how many more ways I can say the same thing.  This is tedious.  I do not appreciate pointless staring.  If I wanted a stalker, I would pick a more interesting one.

Now please go and do whatever weird shit you were doing before you started your nonsense.  I am not interested.  You are not a positive person, and because of that you hold no interest whatsoever.

You are nice to look at, but you are also a mammoth tosser.   You cocked it up.  You blew it.  Go away!



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