The Weakness of Conservatism – Covid19

First find someone to blame, then lose temper when assumption of authority is challenged, then lie.

You don’t apportion blame to someone for being ill, nor do you suggest that a global pandemic illness that is somehow the fault of the country losing the most from it. China is undergoing serious damage and is still trying to send out supplies.

You do not then assume that you are in a position of authority when you are not.  Losing the temper when being asked a question indicates internal disorder. Iain Duncan Smith has not been fit for work for some considerable time, and he should not remain in the party when his policies are responsible for so many deaths.

Suggesting that the government has been struggling to deal with this from the beginning is laughable.  Had they struggled with it a few weeks earlier, we wouldn’t have the problems we have right now. Instead Ren went to the COBRA meetings and clearly failed to keep Stimpy informed.

The economic damage is already enormous because of failures within the conservatives. (but isn’t it enlightening how quickly oil becomes worthless?)

And yes, Boris should have been at Cobra meetings when the pandemic issue was imminent.  Executive decisions were clearly necessary, especially when the cabinet is so green. Don’t even bother blaming tweedledee and tweedledum for this when the buck stops at Boris. He needs to accept the responsibility that goes with power. The fact he is still canoodling with the totty instead of running the country indicates that he doesn’t particularly want to.  What are you doing to him?

The Cheltenham races is a clear indication that the scientific advice that your rather weak willed and easily led medical adviser followed in error was incorrect.  Get a spine. Fresh air makes no difference to the spreadability of covid19 and nobody should have been making that assumption.

Don’t be confused about this.  This is a nice shiny example of how Tories operate, and what a great person to provide it.

The medical advice has been wrong all along, because the science has been unclear all along.  Why you didn’t simply follow the evidence from Wuhan and the example of South Korea is anybody’s guess.  I have never seen so much direct evidence of racism.  The deaths are on you.

I want to hear that you are going to take direct action to get the public covered up so that we can get the figures down.  I want ACCURATE REPORTING of the numbers of deaths, including the English figures in carehomes and at home as you have still failed to provide this, and we are all sick of the stupid messing about.  Nobody cares about your debates over the science and search for people to blame anymore.  Other people need to pay their bills.

From a personal standpoint, this has been a period of great opportunity, so I am having a great time and you can keep the lockdown going as long as you like, but it won’t help your position.

Try this reality check:  You have no real authority left because of this mess, and losing your temper over it just makes you even weaker.  If you want to apportion blame, get rid of IDS and Cummings. Then use the exorbitant amount of money you have saved from the people you have killed to make people’s lives better for a change.

You will also need to make it very, very easy for the entrepreneurial classes such as mine to rebuild the country, as this is a golden opportunity to create post-Brexit Britain.  Stop bailing out the same people you have given tax breaks to, and stop bandying brand names around.  The only people impressed by this are the kind of dozy fuckers that voted you in.  They don’t have a clue about politics and barely read the news, so impressing them is not helpful. All they understand is the child’s eye view of Iain Duncan Smith.  Let us blame someone else and if we win it is because we got the right answer.  We both know this is bullshit.

Fuck Churchillian conservatism, it will probably get you assassinated at this point.  Try going with someone who actually cared and helped people build the economy.


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