Only in America….

Today my facebook feed is full of Americans saying how sorry they are for Starbucks after several racial incidents were reported.

Two black men were arrested in one branch for waiting for a friend – in a coffee shop, who’d have thunk it?

In another, it was demonstrated that white people get codes for the toilet and black people do not.

During the Civil rights highpoint in the 60s, black American families had on average a sixth of the income of white families.  Now it is down to a tenth.

The prison system works on the basis of multiple crimes – if you are convicted three times you can be in for life.  This makes Victorian Britain look fair.

If this is what you want for the UK, then you are welcome to carry on spitting feathers at what I have been telling you about American influence in the UK.  You do not want this country buying their way into ruling public services, be that public health, prisons, policing, social care or anything else.  It is not a nice country, and the inhabitants are no longer particularly bright.

The people on my friends’ list cited healthcare for part-time workers as a reason why having piss-poor policies towards black people was OK with them.  An astonishingly large proportion of Americans believe that companies exist for reasons other than taking your money.

They do not.  Businesses exist to turn a profit.  They do not exist to educate you or enrich your life experience in any way other than upsizing your fat lazy backside by selling you more solutions to your artificially created unhappiness.

You are fat, so you need a diet, you are celebrating so you need a cake, you are ugly so you need make-up, you are unhappy so you need an alcoholic drink – it goes on and on.

This is not what any sensible person would want for the UK.  Education is nothing to do with business.  Health should not be anything to do with business or how much money you have.  Prison is nothing to do with making a profit for a capital labour business.

You want to be stupid?  Keep on watching the TV and consuming the Starbucks.  Keep on buying and sending the missiles.  Keep on assuming that Theresa May knows what she is doing.  Keep on enjoying the Big Bang Theory and being reminded about the difference between ugly girls and pretty girls, and how stupidity is always a good answer for everything unless you want to be a hilarious dweeb.

There are six vacant homes for every homeless person in the USA.  Capitalism unfettered by concern for actual humans DOES NOT WORK AND IT IS ACTUAL FASCISM.


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