Will You Marry Me?

It is the 29th of February, and I could not think of anyone else I would bother proposing to, so I guess Boris got lucky again.

My argument for this match, Boris, is as follows:

I am a lot more fun than your current girlfriend.

We have not been in trouble for at least five minutes.

I cannot think of a less appropriate and yet more fun pairing.

We could cause a magnificent scandal of gargantuan proportions.

I gather from Cummings’ blog that I would get on quite well with him.

I am very good at thinking, and nobody else seems to want me to do it.

You haven’t been horrible to me.

I am unlikely to produce yet more babies.

I tried looking up your offensive poem about Scottish people today, and found that it wasn’t even yours.  I do know the reason for the PR, don’t worry, but I was most disappointed as I was planning on writing a hilarious riposte.

Marry me, Boris, you know it makes sense.




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