Devil’s in the Detail

The trishul arrived.  It is much better than the last one, but still a little delicate, so I may be forced to either stitch one or await funds for the big one.

The Damaru is on its third coating of resin, so far it is a bit brittle so I think it will take quite a bit.  I have not ventured into covering it yet as I think I may be forced to fill it with casting resin to make it strong enough for the job.

I am also working on a new  base for Haram Bawbag which will be much nicer than the oil can.  I think it will be one of the cheaper items, at about 3 and a half thousand gbp when it is finally done.  Again there are now increasing issues with paying for bits and pieces as I get more ambitious.

I am on the central panels for the tongues now, as I have tidied up the first flushes of gold and trim, I have rather wild plans for about a hundred thousand french knots and overstitching, but we will see how I feel as we go.

The first job is to do some chalk mandala style work on the window section.  This is to make it strong enough to retain its shape once I hang it from my girder.  Once I take the window panels out, I will need to work quite fast to put the windows in.  There are four rather hobbity large windows, and probably 12 or so little windows to be made.  These will be done by hand, so it is a bit more complicated than a simple decorative glass job.

I am shooting for the chair being under 40000 gbp but again, this depends on how much more time I am putting into it.  I have put in six months thinking and six months solid full time work on it now, and I have guesstimated it at 2 years.

Once I have it ready for hanging, I will then have to work extra hard to keep up with its resin requirement financially, and I will be starting work on the shoe and small bag collection.  I make the most expensive cushions in the world, so I may do some more of those for a laugh.

The greatest interest, however, has been the lighting, so I definitely want to complete some of my earlier work on that.

I could also put some serious time into extending the clothing and ceramic work, as this involves no outlay.

I have a lot of writing to catch up on in the midst of all that, and I am hoping to regain a career shortly, although this has been quite the source of stress.

Iain Duncan Smith is Fit for Work  is getting quite a bit of attention suddenly, but it is another resin drain, so it will be a while yet due to funding.

Marketing is what should command my attention once all that is done, since nothing I am doing is seeing much circulation at present.

I would like to avoid any further disasters, so I am afraid I am a bit unfriendly at the moment.

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