David Wolfe Uk Event update 2017 (sigh)

I have two weeks left to see if I can attend the event that I was still trying to stop myself attending.  I have decided to stop asking myself permission.  I am not very nice to myself as a rule.

I have not had any flat out refusals, the big issue at the moment is care for my mother, which will be very expensive.

Should Wolfe happen to drop in on the blog, NOW would be a good time to object rather than after I have made the relevant arrangements, as Birmingham is amongst many of the countless things I hate about doing any of this.  You can do this via Tree of Life or by leaving a comment, which I can then hide.

It was extremely funny this morning trying to explain who he was without actually saying it.  I still cannot imagine actually doing this.  I have run through several scenarios so far, none of them particularly glorious.  I am trying to calculate how big a book I need to hide behind and whether I require a heavy veil and irritating hat.


Toodle Pip, I will hopefully know later in the week.




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