Amazingly Angry

My friend and I went out tonight.  I wanted to scope a restaurant I was interested in managing, so we went to find out what it was like.  It didn’t smell all that great, and the comedy, whilst not awful, was not good enough for me to want to spend a lot of time there.

I wonder if the city centre is dying.  I have wandered around a lot over the last few weeks, and it never seems to be as busy as it used to be.  The ten o’clock curfew on sitting outside seems ridiculous in a country where we can only sit outside in the evening for two months of the year.

Imagine my horror when the manager referred to in the previous posts comes speeding past me on the pavement.  I am quite astonished at the lack of shame.

I cannot imagine what little you would have to have in the way of humanity to deliberately participate in terrorising a grieving woman because a team leader you didn’t even like (SB1MV)  wanted to bonk her and didn’t know any other way of going about it.

I cannot imagine why you would then lie to her about the cause (SB2) and lie to SB2 about my termination.  He told him I had been laid off, apparently.

I cannot imagine then thinking that you would do anything other than avoid the person whose name you were destroying rather than presume to share a pavement with her.

I do not  have the level of spiteful bile these people have, so I do not understand it.  Nor do I understand why someone purporting to be a friend would wait to see what happened rather than telling me upfront what was going on.

I am honestly astonished at the level of pain this has caused.

It isn’t going away. I am tired of people like this.  There are so many of them.  Mean-spirited, stupid, spiteful little shits who don’t deserve anything.

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