Boris Johnson Experience Progress

I have finally given up on the Gamebia Project, as the flannel continued from the apparently bemused project leader in The Gambia.  The last straw was his failing to identify his own phone number on the email account central to the project.  I am usually more stubborn about forcing things to work, but this was too tiresome.  The last thing I need is another person who apparently thinks feeding himself is some sort of big favour to me.

So I am back on track with the Boris Experience.  Biographies have been read, philosophy has been skimmed, furniture now has resin to finish the first pieces.

So then, Jemima Khan, Darius Guppy, and Bordello Rhetoric, the first furniture pieces will be complete in the next month, enabling me to concentrate on Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa May, and a few other surprises.

I have also started work on another epic carpet, which is provisionally entitled Boris without artifice.  Boris has apparently reawakened my subtle side, although Bordello Rhetoric is as flash as I get, which is extremely blingy.

I am considering an application to Four Rooms once I have got to the point of doing a press release and released Lucifer Ogilvie, the alternative Boris Johnson.

I was laughing rather today, as I considered that not one but two ex boyfriends over the years had thought they were being disparaging when they asserted that I would much rather be shagging Boris.

“Any sensible red blooded woman would.” was my rather bemused reply.  “Apart from his lack of responsibility with women, and his horrible sister he is approaching perfection.”  I see from one of the biographies that Rachel is friends with the Earl of Glasgow and family, which figures given my experience of them.  The biographer referred to them as qualifying her as linked with the blue-blooded, and the Glasgows are not a particularly good example of that.

In the real world, Boris is probably too scruffy for me. I share his love of scruffy vanity, and so I appreciate a snappy dresser.  I rather like to see a chap dressing beautifully whilst I shuffle about in rancid plimsoles and glue covered clothes.  I avoid brushing my hair and tend to have at least one bit of wool and some paint stains.  Two vain scruffs do not a pretty sight make.

Anyway, that is the news, currently.  I am considering turning the blog over to doing reviews of luxury goods, since that will inevitably put the website on a better footing for future work, so perhaps I will take a crack at that in the near future.



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