Style developments

Well, it looks as if SB is getting a whole book, so I will have to actually ask if I can use his whole name when it is finished.  It is a lot more difficult with private individuals.

I have finalised the plans for the artwork for him, and it is very elaborate, but a distinct development of the Ina Disguise brand, moving a step on from a combination of the Wolfe and Boris work with a heavy dash of Maroc.  I have got it down to a six to twelve month job so far, but I will not be starting it until the shoes are out and the toby jugs for Boris are done, so a few months down the track.  I do not want to be using initials when I put stuff on the website.  This is going to be incredibly awkward, given that the situation I am in at work means that I would rather not speak to him about anything other than work.  I suppose asking this question is about work really.

I have no idea how people manage to make things so complicated.  I have had the sense from him more than once that he would quite enjoy a direct argument, and I am not at all interested.  I take my fury out as Ina, so by the time I get to work I am defused and usually rather miserable about the whole thing.  It is not good for your self-image to constantly be in the wrong about shit that is nothing to do with you really.

I will also ideally have to change shifts now, to avoid upsetting him and a third party and  as a side-benefit for the benefit of the Boris project.  This will not stop the flow of the work at all, but it is going to cause a few problems for other people, who apparently have enormous problems doing it.

Don’t ask me why I seem to be so prolific with SB, because I have no idea.  I am guessing it is something to do with stress but the creative links are coming very fast indeed.  Looking at how I was with Wolfe from the blog, I see that anger plays a part, but things kicked off with Wolfe because Wolfe and I were so under one another’s skin from the beginning that it was very easy for us to push each other’s buttons and see what happened.  It is difficult to describe, but by the time we had four words typed a whole year or five of communication had gone by.  I am used to big characters, so I am guessing it was unusual for him to have someone engage the way I did.  One of my many odd features is that I could not care less how much fame or money you have.

With Boris, I have very structured ideas in comparison.  I have a firm idea of what picture I want to paint and why I want to do it.  I genuinely have huge affection for Boris, but there is none of the irrationality there is with Wolfe or SB, although I am very much aware that Boris has strong shark qualities just as Wolfe does.

I am getting close to the physical state required for intense sewing, which is repressed lust-rage.  It is not very healthy at all, but it does involve a lot of 16 hour days crouched over whatever I happen to be making and it does get things done.

Woke up this morning and could not go anywhere until I got Life without Shame done.  This means that SB has somehow managed to induce an escalation of my creative flow to the point that it is almost entirely compulsive.  I am impressed with the improved linking in the story, but rather confused as to why it had to be a Catholic story.  It made its point very neatly however, so I am quite pleased with it.

No idea where this is headed at all, so stay tuned to find out what happens in story 4 I guess?  We shall see how SB manages to make my life less pleasant this week. (honestly, try not to – I know you read these.  Please try not to.)


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