Some Dream for you to interpret

This is a good one, I woke up at 4am from this one feeling very good.

I am on a busy train, but for some reason the train is huge and I am sitting in a similar job to the one I have just done, with similar people, although I think only one person, who sat back to back with me and was extremely helpful, actually made it into the dream.

Wolfe is further back in train, in a separate carriage with his entourage of wifelets and staff.  I know he is there, but it’s fine because we don’t bother each other as a rule.

(This is very unusual, the only previous dreams I have had about him are comedic or about fighting.)

Anyway, I am struggling away with this job, which seems to be vaguely health related and the pod I am sitting in is discussing it with a view to getting it correct.  We seem to be doing reasonably well, and then of course Wolfe decides to try to get to the top of the train.

As he approaches the pod I am sitting at, I hear him and then see that his progress is being impeded by moronic and super normal fans.  I cough, and notice that they all stop trying to paw at him for a second. He gets slightly further up the train.  I cough again, and the other people working with me start laughing as he get a little bit further forward again.  He nods to me without looking, and I go into a full blown coughing fit to enable him to disappear towards the next empty bit of carriage, whereupon I say goodbye to the people on the pod and follow him.  He looks back and smiles as he disappears into an enormous ballroom. (it’s a big train)  I pick the ballroom that he isn’t in.

I was very happy at the end of this one, make of it what you will.  So far it seems to be about life’s journey and feeling good about decisions.

If I fully commit, I am going to seriously disrupt things in the next ten years, which is going to put a major strain on our non-relationship.  I ain’t no shrinking violet when it comes to Wolfe, unfortunately.



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