Joy is Power project is moving to a new area

So, last night when it was safe due to the wonders of electronic prisoner management, I told the good people of the area I was filming in that the film was no longer going to be made there.

I will no longer be going there, as I decided the bottom line was that an insane person couldn’t stop harassing me, and I really wasn’t interested in being harassed. Apparently my grieving is me being creepy and my buying a cup of tea constitutes doing something to his family.  He actually abandoned his family, so what he could be referring to I do not know. He now has his skank joining in, and what she thinks her family is is a mystery.  Why I am supposed to care I do not know, since they have announced they were never friends of mine.

I could fight my way through it, but as it would inevitably involve several calls to the police, the support of the local business owners, which they were very shy about offering, and taking some unfortunate friend over there every time I was filming, since that would mean the film would take five years instead of five months to make, there really doesn’t seem much incentive to do so.

So progress so far is that I have a bunch of great props, cameras for the job, the costume is finished and I am dropping weight fairly rapidly due to a different kind of stress.  Some stress makes you cortisol fat, which means you can tolerate numpties but not physically, and some stress makes you drop fat rapidly, and I seem to have selected that.

The problem with insanity seems to be that it is contagious, and the reason it is contagious is because people are exceptionally stupid and agree to join in.

Anyway that is a lot of wasted time, money and care, and I am fed up being on the recieving end of bullshit, so no film this year.  I am becoming less and less interested.

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