FTAO the Blank company

The problem is that your staff are so obsessed with boring and mundane gossip about people that they are spending time at work staring at the website.

I think if you are going to implement policy destroying somebody’s career on the basis of supporting  contracting companies who basically burn people’s money you should implement it across the company.  Fire anybody you find looking at a website, never mind sending personal email or attempting to resolve work situations via normal grown-up conversation.

Therefore, rather than having the nervous wreck that caused the problem in the first place sitting worrying about who his vile sadistic manager spread the website to, the simple solution is to simply get IT to block the website from the server.  It is really not a difficult thing to do.  Just add it to your blacklist.

In addition the idiot that caused the problem still works for you, and I do not want him to be dragged into further problems.  He is still obsessively clicking it, but he at least does it with his own equipment, usually when he is off work.

I have no idea who is in charge of HR, data, internet or contracts management at your bank, nor do I care.  The fact is that some inexperienced and piss-poor managers colluded to get somebody fired for a laugh, openly admitted it and you apparently have no problem with it.  I certainly don’t condone what they did, but I don’t have to worry about it.

This is however, not the problem here.  I just want not to see your tedious staff on my website analytics when they are supposed to be working.  With rare exceptions they are a very boring and narrow-minded bunch and it is doubtful that they will get anything out of it other than some tired gossip about something that is not even relevant.

I did nothing wrong, my career is contracting is destroyed and nobody is prepared to take any responsibility for putting things right. That is now your problem, not mine.

I hope this clears up the issue.  Blanker, who works for customer assist is at least trying to get the problem solved, although why the legal department should be involved in adding a website address to a blacklist I do not know.

Thank God I don’t have to deal with you any more.  I am busy working in the USA, Saudi, India, Australia at the moment, and I can tell you it is a lot more interesting and culturally relevant than your third world policy on how you treat people who work for you.




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