Happy world health day

The Huffington Post, that source of minimal knowledge that we are all unaccountably familiar with, published an article on improving your diet to avoid diabetes this week.  At last the World Health Organisation have come right out and said change your diet to reduce diabetes.  I am sure the Boards of Nutrition in the UK and USA will be nonplussed.


Why?  In the UK, in particular, ours voted against dietary advice for people with diabetes.  Several of the board members also have interests in Kraft, Mars, Coca Cola, so naturally they voted against giving people nutritional advice along with their diagnosis of diabetes, as outlined in Hannah Sutter’s ‘Big Fat Lies‘, a thin but very comprehensive volume written by a lawyer shortly after Gary Taubes excellent study ‘The Diet Delusion‘ came out.


Both of these volumes conclude that a low carb diet is the answer, which is part of the truth and certainly better than poisoning yourself with sugar, chemical additives and white flour, but long term, I can tell you that it is not the complete and fully comprehensive answer.


Having spent years on a variety of eating plans, and having listened to an awful lot of people talk about what they eat, I can tell you that after you have got rid of the ‘Pure, white and deadly‘ sugar and flour, you should focus on getting ten, not five, portions of vegetables and fruit per day.  You will see a magnificent improvement in your health, and you certainly will not be hungry. Once you have achieved that, you will have little room left for anything else, but I can tell you that low carb in itself contains too much fat, and too much of the wrong kind of protein, which we have been eating far too much of as far back as the seventies. It is also simply too heavy as you get older, so once you hit tipping point on your long term low carb efforts, up the vegetables considerably.


Even a cursory look at the world of raw food will show you the benefits of a raw food diet, but again, it has its problems long term.  It is also a steep learning curve for most people, and some people just cannot completely manage it.  From a personal perspective, I would say as a rough and ready way of actually having a life – concentrate on getting your ten a day before you even start investigating further as this will get your body working properly faster than anything else.


OK evangelizing over.  Can you see why an increasing proportion of the population no longer trust authority figures such as governments to give advice?  Advice is never impartial.  When your doctor or some aggressive type challenges your choices, they are not necessarily talking from a position of knowledge.  The only person that can deal with your day to day health is yourself, and woe betide you if you prioritize anything above your health. (such as caring for someone else.) If someone is sabotaging your health, get them out of your life as fast as you can, because I am (almost) living proof that compromise is not an option.


Why were we given incorrect advice on nutrition for several decades?  Money. John Yudkin, a comparatively quiet man who advised against sugar and simple carbohydrates, was not nearly as well backed or funded as Ancel Keys, a noisy American with a lot of research funding to preserve.  The result was that millions of people were given incorrect information for decades, the information distributed by the medical profession, who do not receive a great deal of nutritional training.  They merely deliver the information.


If I had listened to my doctor instead of Wolfe 6 years ago, I am entirely confident that I would have had my first serious heart attack, and/or had treatment for depression by now.  My last few doctors have tested my blood, told me that I eat too much, and that they are very surprised that I am so fit.  The fact I have strong symptoms of an impending heart attack or stroke, and have nearly collapsed several times is apparently of no consequence at all. The fact that I am sole carer for a very dependent person does not even ensure that I matter enough to save.  I am past caring what they say, since I no longer trust them with my health as a result.


I may not be in perfect shape right now, but I am still here, with the benefit of a great deal of knowledge, if not motivation. (it is very difficult to care how long you live when the future looks a bit lonely and grim.)


So much for that. The point of today’s post is – whatever your health issue – do some reading for yourself.  I cannot tell you how depressing it is repeatedly telling people that they need to eat more vegetables and having them decline. As a research interviewer, I was able to tell what people were eating the minute they opened the door, such are the effects of a high vegetable diet.  The most important things for your overall health long term? Gym? Protein shakes? Slimming Classes? Expensive healthcare?


No, the most important things, from my insight gained from interviewing hundreds of people:

eat as many vegetables as you can
then eat some fruit and a small amount of fish
get a dog
if anything stops you doing the above, change things and just do it.




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Fat people can dance

Today, I blocked a South African lady on my facebook page.  I do not block people regularly, as I have little dealings with anyone apart from seriously boring men on my friends list, and even they get short answers if they cannot be bothered looking up my work with the website provided before they talk to me. I am under yet another alias on facebook, in case Wolfe would like to block me again.
I blocked her because she posted a video of a thin woman dancing out of time, followed by a very drunk lady who had become intoxicated and had mistaken the forward and backward roll for dancing.  This was supposed to be funny.
“She seems exceptionally talented at rolling about.”  I tried to see if she had a sense of humour.
“That thin one can move.” she replied.
“Not in time.”  I replied, and provided her with a link to a very talented break dancer who is frankly enormous.
“Not my thing” she sniffed.  At this point I decided I had nothing to say to this person and blocked her.
I have no time for people who cannot see why other people are fat if she sits and victimizes them, for obvious historical reasons.
Let me get this straight, for any fat people reading this, and please follow the links in blue in the text.

The bigger the belly the better the lover
Obese people less likely to get dementia
Fat people may statistically live longer

Let us now pause for celebration with this lovely video

Now that we have shared this information, allow me to continue with the other side of things.
Allowing people to bully you out of doing whatever you want to do when young, makes you frightened as you get older.  The fat won’t kill you nearly as fast as the fear will.  There is no reason why you cannot swim, enjoy a walk, dance, garden or whatever else your mobility allows you to do.  I do not recommend running, as your knees and hips are precious, but that is a personal choice.
I am not recommending fat as a lifestyle decision, I am merely pointing out that as a victim of two vindictive sisters, who would have bullied me over something else if it was not fat, that spending your life scared shortens your life a whole lot more than eating.
I have gained and lost well over a thousand pounds of weight in the course of my life.  Basically it has usually gone something like this:  

I get upset, and nobody wants to admit or address my issues, so I eat to stop myself talking about it.
I continue to eat because there is nothing I can do to make things better for myself.
I stop going out in case anyone sees me because it is too upsetting.
I eventually find myself uncomfortable, frightened, isolated and I find something else to do.
Eventually I cannot do all the things I want to do and I put tremendous work into losing it all again, only to meet some tiresome guy, or have a tiresome ex return and start the whole cycle again.
In the meantime, my family have usually eaten up all the time in between getting me to do stuff for them and complaining about it.

I cannot tell you how many similar, miserable people I see in the same predicament, particularly in the caring community.  Take heed, that it is the fear, and not the fat that is killing you.
So here is my recommendation:

Get rid of the people who don’t listen to you or show any concern for your feelings.  They are worthless, inadequate people who do not deserve you.
Show kindness only to people who deserve it, or who for some other reason you wish to show kindness to.
If anyone sneers at you for moving around, taking some time for yourself, dancing, or showing happiness, you have my full permission to give them the finger and carry on with whatever you want to do.
Do not allow anything you see on the internet to dissuade you from living your life, however you want to live it.
Thinster nazis will get dementia and die quicker, so bear that in mind as they abuse you. Enjoy a quiet smile at the clueless selfishness and lack of talent in the sack.
Bear in mind that the thin people complaining do not actually eat much less than you do.  They just did not make the mistake of allowing themselves to be crushed into a chair with comfort food. They went out and enjoyed themselves, with the added spice of having made you unhappy.

I will be losing weight again shortly, after I figure out the best way of dealing with the mother issue, and after I have started making the game, so do not assume I have some sort of fetish, however as someone whose wrists are 3 inches bigger than my sister of the same height, I am well aware that BMI is a lot of nonsense used by insurance companies and the NHS to torture people, and not everyone is supposed to be the same size.  I am positively Amazonian in comparison with both sisters, and I am also a lot stronger. I am never going to look like a gazelle. Get over it.
Finally, here are some nice pictures:
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The Public persona

Some wee millennial was making snarky comments about the blog the other day, and I do realise that I am not your usual chick, so I thought we could make today’s post about public persona.
I am going to talk about David Wolfe and Ina Disguise, since this is an abnormal representation of abnormal personas formed by at least one and a half perfectly normal people who know exactly what the rules are and exactly how to break them. (sorry David, but I genuinely have no idea about the other fifty percent as I stopped looking some time ago.  I think I know, but I do not have any confidence that my idea is correct. I do know that my idea of you is better than yours, so I keep going anyway.)
The game of Peek -a-boo is a game that all mammals understand.  I have even tried playing peek-a-boo with young mice, and they understand it too.  The game of peek-a-boo is all about you, your ego, and your relationship with the world via your eyes.
Creating a public persona is very similar to peek-a-boo.  There is you, there is your hand, there is the outside world.  Many people create public personas to lessen the effects of the outside world by creating a ‘hand’ in the form of a public persona. This persona necessarily includes elements of you, but it does not entirely represent you, as features such as your enthusiasm for scrubbing floors or counting floor tiles everywhere you go are excluded.  You would be surprised at the number of glamorous stars that suffer from OCD (I am not one of those, incidentally.)
Here is a peek at my character:
Some years ago, I was on a course in a fairly rough part of Glasgow.  There were a couple of guys on the course with learning difficulties, and I spent more time helping them than doing my own work.  I was condemned as a ‘manpleaser’ by one of the older women on the course as a result, as she did not perceive what was going on.  I learned a lot about why people in traditionally class-beaten households do not try to progress, and I learned a lot about how social pressures dissuade people from trying to do anything for fear of chastisement from their peers.
I considered writing a book called ‘Manpleaser,’ since I know that would get a lot of readers, but I was still too anxious and jumpy in those years to go ahead and do it.  I am from a fairly repressive family, as regular readers will note, and my mother continued laying on the ‘sex’ guilt really until I turned forty.  Now she laughs when she considers that she has effectively prevented me having a normal life, but that is another story. She may not be the nicest or most logical person in the world, it still does not mean that I would condemn her to misery. In any case, the point is, my natural reaction was to make the findings of my mini-experiment public, via an entertaining and slightly naughty book.  My nurtured reaction was to cringe and become extremely upset.
I had a similar problem with the artwork.  My artwork was done, in the past, as presents for the people concerned, not to get a response, but as a souvenir.  Many people in my life actually got their presents, and many more did not, as I was told that I should be ashamed of my gift making habit.
Even women of some intelligence are inclined to condemn each other for going after what they want, so I have taken care, since my twenties, to avoid them.  I think it is far more interesting to ignore social mores, such as waiting to be asked out, being nearby and looking pretty, making oneself available and not making any statements.  I think it is challenging for the reader, and I think it promotes a certain freedom that most people are not capable of giving themselves.  Therefore, when I heard the immortal words ‘chicks dig it,’  a bell sounded and David became my muse. The few people who are aware of my other self will know that I was considerably healthier for some time as a result.
My limited experience of David is that, although he is rather easily flattered, he is a perfectly normal person with a perfectly normal range of feelings, including a very similar rageburst to my own.  So although much of my work as Ina is promoting David’s public persona, there is a genuine empathy.  My understanding of some of David’s maligned activities in the past are from the experience of an overworked, over-generous at times, over-affectionate and over-emotional manager of a self-created situation.  I thought long and hard about it before I came up with Ina as the solution.  There were many alternatives to Ina, but Ina was the most effective, the most flexible and the most amusing solution to a complex problem.
What was this problem?

David fails to communicate with people offering to help, because he perceives that most of them are timewasters and he is aware that people can turn on you at any given moment, whether you are good or bad.
David likes to think that he does not take his career seriously, when the truth is that I have never seen someone take their career as seriously as he does.
There are holes in his work which cause a lot of his efforts to be wasted, and since I cannot discuss them directly, the only thing I can do is throw hints in the form of coloured marbles in fictional text.
Some of David’s associates are less useful than he believes them to be, and this wastes valuable time in terms of his ambitions. (both genders)
I would like him to exceed his own ambitions, not be killed or made miserable by them.

Now, my efforts as Ina are small, but I am told by more committed writers that I have done extremely well in the last couple of years, despite a minimal marketing budget and effort, and a work ethic which is constantly interrupted by my other commitments.  Once the game is completed, we should have a nice diverse range of cultural strands off the ground, and my hope is that other artists/writers/game makers will pick up the ball and run with it.  This is how cultural influence works. People like me scavenge concepts, juggle them, sculpt them a bit and send them on their way, for no real reason other than that we like doing it.  As I was saying about new social media concepts, if we all made some effort to promote things we liked, we would not be left sitting paying facebook to boost posts. The ‘chain letter’ effect, so to speak.
There are some wild facebook horror stories out there, including the man that paid out half a million dollars and got no responses at all from his ad, because he did not understand how the format worked. There are still ways around this, as long as you aren’t fussy about the target audience, but you need to put some hours in.
So, what is Ina Disguise’s function in relation to David Wolfe?  On a public level, Ina exists to put an alternative and thoughtful perspective on a question that had and probably still has no answer.  On a personal level, she leapfrogs all those pesky groupies that kept blocking any attempts at communication and does this very safely since everything she says is public.  She also says the things that nobody tells David, because David does not like hearing them.
She is the short, fat, ugly, nagging voice of somebody that actually gives a shit, for no good reason. She is everything that the David Wolfe persona has been set up to avoid.

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How the other half live

Had to get out of Glasgow fast this morning, as the family are cranking up to cause us problems again.  Went to see a house I was interested in, and it is extremely solid, although I am not too sure if the lack of mobile signal and evidently pisspoor broadband (I am half a mile away right now, but in the same loose grouping of buildings) might put me off.


So, I am in a Taste of Scotland Restaurant with rooms.  I do not normally waste any money on such places as the difference between a 40 GBP B and B and a 140 GBP Hotel tends to be minimal.  The linen matches and they give you home made biscuits.  If I wanted home made biscuits, I would not need to pay a hundred pounds for them.




This is the view from my window, taken by someone else.  This is what Scotland charges for.  People from other places think this is magnificent.  On the native scale, this view is probably around six out of ten, but foreigners, including English people, seem to think it is out of this world.




It is near to Campbeltown, Kintyre, which I checked out before I returned to this hotel.  Basically, the song, ‘Campbeltown Loch, I wish you were whisky’ is a reference to the level of boredom induced by living there.  It is very nice, very friendly but not remotely stimulating.  Stimulation can be overrated when the skin on your face has just indicated that you cannot do any more caring right now.


In the last two years, it has become apparent that my body is saying no to much more of the twenty-four-hour-stuck-in-the-house-under-stress thing.  I now get an unpleasant rash all over my face when I am stressed for a few weeks.  The only thing that clears it up, it seems, is getting right away and not thinking about anything much.  I am not happy about this, but I am not sure how to go about elbowing myself any more room. I miss the years when I was able to work and swim every day.  I miss how much better I looked when I was eating properly.  I miss not caring about not seeing people who do not have dementia, because I had time and space to think about something else.


I announced some time ago, that there was no reason why I should be expected to parent my mother’s children.  They do not seem to have understood what this actually means.  This means I will not be held responsible for my eldest sister’s war of nerves with my mother, which she seems to take for granted, and I will not be tolerating the drunk lying and not turning up.  What on earth is so difficult about saying you are too drunk to drive on a Sunday afternoon?  If my sister’s drinking is so important to her that I have to be a twenty four hour servant and die childless and lonely with no pension, then I am not sure why she isn’t proud of it.  It must be a good thing to do, surely?


Anyway I have now delegated responsibility for the lunatic’s tortured love for her mother to the drunk.  I wish them the best of luck with that new relationship. I spent today driving and laughing about Tantric Super Vegetable Guru, which has led me to believe that my Wolfe fetish is all about stress relief.  I have handed my emotional self to somebody entirely disinterested as he is the best person to look after something nobody wants.  I think this is an interesting and complex idea.  I doubt that every exchange we ever had would fill even a paragraph of one of my blogs, and yet I evidently decided that yes, he was the man for the job. It was clearly the right decision, since in terms of self expression, I have positively bloomed ever since.


The same cannot be said for my health, sadly.  The first year after he shut me down the first time, I tried and tried not to confuse my intense pain with loss of belief in myself and what I was eating.  I was OK for a while, but the weight loss had stopped anyway because of the stress induced by the family. Eventually it came down to the social exclusion issue.  Nobody I know is raw, and it was not really possible or practical to go out with normal eaters in a country of salad dodgers.  My social life improved markedly when I finally ate something ‘normal.’ My health, however, has ground down to a markedly low level currently.


Usually, when I rest, I look completely different in under a week.  It is difficult to determine why caring is so tiring.  Emotional exhaustion is a strange thing.  Because it is a slow and yet time killing activity, you do not understand that sticks falling on the floor, hearing aids going missing, phone calls she refuses to make, are gradually eroding your sense of self to the point that you are physically drained.  It gets to the point where you forget what walking at a normal speed feels like.  I looked at a log that I wanted to walk to today, and guessed that I could not make it that far, because I was judging it on what she could do, not me.  Hence your health is quite seriously affected when you take on permanent rehab of someone else.


Thankfully, I am very mean with money, and did not spend everything I was supposed to in the earlier stages of her illness, otherwise the financial issues would be starting to press by now.


One less thing to worry about.

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I’m seriously weird

I discovered everipedia yesterday, and duly created my entry.  Little did I know, how seriously weird I am.


I naturally assumed that everyone thought like I did about new services such as this.  I immediately used my entry to publicize everipedia and myself at the same time, with the idea that the more people who put their entries up, the more useful the service becomes. This is what I had assumed the Better Person Project and Better Fashion Project people would do. I had visions of students and businesses adding themselves and their research to it, forming a community, networking etc.


I was a bit disappointed that visitors seemed to assume that I was going to sit and fill the website.  Either of these research tasks are pretty mighty to do on your own.  I imagined that providing the resource was sufficient, and that people would create a resource for themselves as intended.


All the recent trends in social media point to specialist fragmentation.  Whether that pans out for you or not depends on a number of factors;  whether your web format is simple enough (mine isn’t); whether you are marketing sufficiently (I don’t); whether you have an online network of enthusiastic bloggers punting the idea for you (I don’t) etc.


What I did not know, was that I am an unusually collaborative and cooperative person, and that I am pretty unusual in my ideas about sharing good ideas and information.  I assumed that everybody used their flushes of enthusiasm to benefit other people as well as themselves.  They don’t.


I think that this is very sad.  The internet has brought people together, and what do they do with it?  They misunderstand, they misinterpret, they argue, they discuss, they self express but do they cooperate?  Not really. They just assume that someone else will be doing it.


I wonder how people expect things to go if they continue to go only with what some giant PR agency or marketing monolith has told them is cool?  How do you think the world will develop, if we are socially isolated, badly educated and easily convinced that a label determines what is fashionable?  What happened to spontaneous group formations and diverse interest groups, promoting interesting creative and social action in collaboration or opposition to others?  Are we really turning into thoughtless consumers, who imagine that someone somewhere is throwing money at something for no apparent reason?


From an era of free speech, freedom of action and reaction, in my lifetime, we have ‘progressed’ to being a nation of inactive, demanding and thoughtless zombies, waiting to be told what to want next.  It is not healthy already, and this is only the beginning.


Officially I am now rather popular on everipedia, when I look at the entries of even well known people. In about 24 hours, I have spread the word to a million or so people (by facebook count) and have some hits not only on my profile, but raised awareness that people can put themselves on the site.  Now imagine if everybody did the same thing.  The site would become useful.  A rather more realistic and less snobby version of wikipedia, with more imaginative responses.  What on earth could be wrong with that?


Instead, I imagine that it will become another tsu, which is far better for you than facebook.  Still relatively small, tsu shares revenue with users, and everyone is ignoring it.  They will sit on facebook, having their data plundered, looking at ads and having their posts ignored unless they pay for them, but they cannot manage to find the energy to click on a new website, far less switch the computer off and do something else.


All hail Candy Crush Saga, and the tedious posts of some housewife that has a thousand likers on her list.  That is what the world boils down to apparently.  The spirit of the people is candy crushed.


That could get very expensive for you, if you are a small business or trying to get your ideas out.

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The Joys of Misery

The Joys of Misery

So, after I tested all these games yesterday, plus a few more I was looking at for artistic reasons – it is sometimes easier to produce style than detail – my motherboard fried, after 2 minutes of Saints Row 2 (which otherwise I really recommend – but only if you have a relatively slow system.


I turbo charged my old t5400, and it is very sad that the motherboard got fried, as replacing it will cause much swearing when I get the new one.  Although it is marginally less fiddly than a normal PC, rebuilding an entire system is not something I particularly enjoy, although it is immensely satisfying having a hi-spec computer for under three hundred quid.


After a quick trawl on ebay, I have now purchased a bunch of stuff which will mean that instead of taking a week off next week, I will be awaiting parcels and rebuilding the computer room.  The one I used for the Prisoner game on Second Life is now going to be retiring, and will probably lurk in my studio until I get around to throwing it out.  In the meantime, I am a bit scuppered with testing games, I am still wary of sewing due to my sore hand, and I am not sure about writing at the moment.  It seems futile unless I throw more money at marketing.


Which leaves me with:

Plotting out the game structure on paper, which will take a room full of paper as it all has to lie carpet like on the floor with two cats playing on it whilst I draw it out.
Finishing my work on my new Victorian bannisters for the hall.
Finishing my redesign of the gardens.
Thinking about Best Adventure Ever, and what I want Kira to do apart from lusting after inappropriate people and accidentally starting social movements.
Studying, since I have about 12 programming languages to get through, and not very much time to do it.
Tinkering with the decor of the painfully beautiful work of art that is the house I life in.

I am a strangely busy bee, for someone who has no social life and who probably looks very lazy to the untrained eye.  Sometimes the carpet does not get hoovered as a result.


I am amused however, that I did not feel at all like freaking out when the motherboard fried, despite the thousands of poundsworth of software that cannot currently be accessed since the computer cannot pass POST.


On the grand scale of bad things to happen, it is far better that this happened before I started in earnest on the game.  Now I have purchased a second workstation and a new motherboard, and am redesigning the computer room to incorporate yet another in my bank of computers to enable me to back up my work. Sweet.  This can only be a good omen.



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Tantric super vegetable guru

Dear David,

Note – this is the working title.  I am absolutely not going to be making a game with this title, although I am sure it would sell very well, and if the game is played a certain way, I am sure you could manage to create a super tantric vegetable guru if you wanted to.


Making a game involves playing a lot of games, I have wasted a lot of time investigating what I am shooting for this week.  The idea I have in my mind is little to do with cults, but I have been looking at how cults are handled this week with a view to making the real idea work well in terms of gameplay.


Clockwork Empires is my favourite at the moment.  A city builder with Lovecraftian elements, it has factional warfare and potential for your own cult, but the developers are still having tremendous fun with process tree work at the moment, and it will be a while before it will be ready in terms of frictional behaviour and AI.  Lovely idea, but I do not think a city builder is right for the game I want to make.


Super Cult Tycoon 2 Deluxe A lovely little game which you can play free of charge, this is a simpler city builder which is extremely funny.  Basically you have to kidnap as many acolytes as possible before the FBI shut you down.


Evil Cult is a game for people who miss Dos.  The manual is an education in itself, however, and you can also play this one free


Pathologic is an old game which has been reworked in HD.  It is a little old fashioned and a bit too scripted, and even in HD, I do not think this is the look I am going for.


This one looks as if it will be ideal, so I will be purchasing this later in the year, although I see it retains the traditional American fear of socialism.  You aren’t all unemployed millionaires you know. People still starve to death in the richest country in the world.


I am bouncing around a couple of ideas at the moment, which may or may not intertwine, depending on how development goes.  The first part of the game is basically a career/management game, but since the course of becoming a guru and creating a cult run along similar dynamic lines, I think it is appropriate to look into how people handle AI, resource management and community.


It will not be a violent game, although it may have a mature rating, for the purposes of incorporating all these hot and horny health food fans.


I see from Rulers of nations, that I could actually just use David’s image after all, since he is now a public figure.  I do not think he would like this, however, although you never can tell with David.  He will freak out at the sight of a paperclip on some days, and be totally laid back on others.  Much like the rest of us, I guess.  It seems wasteful not to, on one hand, but he is never quite sure about my sense of humour, so it may be best to have an avatar and let you choose for yourself.  The plan is to make the topic variable also, with an emphasis on educational development in the course of a sweet looking game.


I am swithering as to whether to make a facebook style app to promote the 3d version, since the purpose of this is not strictly to make me money.


I think maybe do a relatively simple app first, and work on the more interesting 3d elements of the final piece of work later.  I have an awful lot of work to do.


In the meantime, if anyone wants to bounce an idea at me, feel free to use the comments.





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Vaxxed- banning is good promotion

Vaxxed – caveats

I have no children, since my life has not followed a path providing the necessary capital. The only person I would have seriously considered children with does not want to know me, even if he did I am not in a position to drop everything and get knocked up.
I do not have any interest in your choices in regard to vaccination, so there is no point in sending vitriolic bullshit in regard to what I will be saying about this topic.
I am not particularly anti-science, although I do have a positive attitude to alternative health as a result of poor response from doctors, who I have lost a measure of respect for over the years of dealing with my own health and the health of others.
Doctors at first response level do a lot of administration and are presented with guidelines, which many are inclined to follow slavishly, just like everybody else.

Today, in a decision making reversal lasting all of 20 or so hours, Robert de Niro announced that he would not be showing Vaxxed at the Tribeca film festival.  That is the decision he has come to, and I am sure there will be continuous heated debate as to what has caused his sudden reversal in attitude. I am not particularly interested in engaging in that either.

Here is what my experience of the last few years has taught me.

The public are superstitious.  They appear to believe that the word science conveys some sort of magic in terms of rightness and wrongness.  One website I visited prior to writing this announced that


This itself, is an unscientific and incorrect premise.

I hate to be the one pointing this out, but science is much like statistics.  Science requires funding.  The payer of the piper calls the tune in terms of the parts of the research released, which reflects the bill payer.  To view examples of this, one must simply bring to mind the number of conflicting pieces of advice about diet that are published every day, on a variety of websites.  As I said many years ago, you could easily argue that cream cakes were superfood if you listed the nutritional properties.

Andrew Wakefield’s life has been ruined by his attempts to alert people to a topic he clearly believes in.  He is still engaged in legal wrangling with the BMJ, and he is still trying to tell people that MMR is not a good vaccine.  I am not sure what people imagine his motives for doing this would be, other than clearing a name which has already been destroyed.  Would he not be better to quietly get on with an alternative life and save himself the time and money?  Calling him a con-man merely makes the opposition’s case even weaker, since they are clearly threatened by his information.

I, for one, will be watching Vaxxed, which has received some welcome publicity from this move by Tribeca.  I want to hear what Andrew Wakefield has to say.  They also trashed his name here in the UK.  If you had any knowledge of how medical hierarchies and medical sales work, you would watch it too. If you had any understanding of how whistleblowers are dismissed, you would also want to hear what he has to say.

I am not sure why the public would be so ready to believe that voodoo magic science, paid for by governments and organisations which are themselves unduly influenced by sharp suits and corporate money,  would prove that a highly trained individual would blacken his own name to release information to them. From the trailer, I see a man showing me statistical analysis.  Having worked with statistics, I can tell you that you can argue about what they show for several years, or you can decide what line you wish to take in an argument. It is all about the presentation.

This is yet another example of what you have to look forward to as an unfree citizen of a corporate state.  The education system, social networks, media and the advertising that you buy into every day will tell you what and how to think.  You will become lazy, like these people who think science is magic, and you will be only too happy to accept a scapegoat rather than think for yourself.

It is really up to you what you choose to believe, but the fact that so many people are so vicious about their superstitions in regard to information which is bought, lobbied and paid for, tells me that the world has a bleak future.  Thank goodness I have no children to worry about.  The minute any doubt whatsoever was expressed about MMR, they should have returned to separate vaccines until the doubt was cleared up.  Instead they destroyed one man, who is still trying to show you why he doubted in the first place.


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Cult of Solidarity

I was referred to as a ‘whack job’ by an Aberdonian Labourite, some years ago, for stating economic facts in the course of a discussion on facebook.  There were some suggestions that people like me should be killed, since I had some criticisms of policy at that time.  My friend, who was ill, was told that people like him should not recover, not because of anything he said, but because I had stated my opinion.

These supporters were not particularly rich, nor particularly poor.  Allegedly they had some education, and some income.  They just objected to a relatively polite, relatively eloquent and pretty forthright person telling them that they had an alternative view.

I see the same tendencies with some SNP supporters.  Consumed by hatred of the Conservatives and their anti-Scottish policies, they revert to hivemind sources of mutual agreement, and find it incredibly difficult to discuss anything that does not toe the party line, or more importantly that might not toe the party line.  This is exactly the same problem which has killed the Labour Party in Scotland.  Beware of blind support, it ultimately kills your ability to function flexibly.

The SNP is actually one of the most democratic parties in the UK.  There is no reason why people cannot change their mind about individual issues, particularly as the whole point is to represent the nation.  This attitude that we must stand in bland solidarity, avoiding the discussion of the most simple topic appears to be some sort of hangover from people’s former political and/or religious affiliations.

We are not in the dark ages, nobody tells you how to vote, nobody tells you what to think, and if somebody is more expressive than you are, it does not mean that they are a threat to you.  If somebody disagrees with you, you choose whether to discuss your ideas with them.  Surely even the most hardened former tory, former socialist or fan of clan-baiting Scottish history can understand that.

As I have pointed out before, the SNP have been incredibly successful at having a foot in both political camps in Scotland.  Depending on who you talk to, SNP supporters veer between being referred to as ‘tartan tories’ and as hard left socialists.  There are people of many ilks in the SNP.  As I have pointed out before, the SNP are an aggregate of free political thinkers, people who would like to have some administrative control of their own destiny, and anybody who has some pride, optimism and faith that Scotland is actually awash with talented people who are well capable of moving their country forward without the financial drain that is London and the nuclear burden weighing on the Scottish purse.

Apparently, even my brief tweets imply that I am a sort of enemy.  As I write this, two people have indicated that they suspect that I am not one of them.  Well, no, I was brought up to think and say what I think, not hide behind a curtain formed by other people with a limited understanding of what it means to have ideas of your very own.

As an SNP member, I am not active as a result.  This seems to me to be something that could be addressed for the benefit of new political talent, particularly amongst the younger generation.  The whole point is that people should have a voice, not sit in solidarity, frightened to question anything or speak.

I am not the only person taking a similar view. We are with you, but we certainly won’t be amongst you anytime soon.

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Confrontation, confidence and class

Today’s burning topic is confrontation.  Much of your life is determined by your ability to tolerate confrontation, both in creating and receiving ‘turning points.’ Confrontation sometimes takes the form of a discussion, argument or all out war.  Confrontation and the ability to communicate determines whether people live or die.  Confrontation is the difference between moving on with your life, and remaining in the same stuck position for years.  I am a bit of a fan of confrontation, although I am just as inclined to avoid it as too stressful as pursue it for the purpose  of moving on.

Your ability to tolerate confrontation is determined by a variety of things:  your level of confidence, your level of communication skills, your level of emotional stability, your ability to tolerate stress in the form of your adrenaline levels.  I was once told that burglars are able to take up stealing from houses because of their low adrenaline levels, which I thought was fascinating.  I am far to anxious to do any such thing, which has hampered my progress since my twenties due to trauma. Before my mid twenties, I led a team of several people.  After this, I was not given much of a chance, and have come to consider myself less capable as a result.

Having said this, the ability to confront is not necessarily a quality that successful people have.  Sometimes they are successful because they are incredibly skilled at avoiding it.  When put on the spot, however, these people are the first to crumble.  I cannot tell you how amusing it is, when you discover that your oh-so-cool friend is not very cool at all when presented with unexpected information or a new situation.

Chefs often have very intense confrontations, which actually makes for a very healthy working environment.  Problems are dealt with under pressure rather than festering, as they often do in offices. The upside of this is that problems with the working environment are solved extremely quickly. Many chefs retire into the army, which is simply a more controlled environment of disciplined confrontation.

National confrontations often take the form of war.  The UK has made great use of diplomacy to avoid this, whilst making a living out of wars elsewhere.  The British machine has worked very well in the past, but recently the system has been allowed to flounder, by people who do not understand history, who do not want to be reminded that the survival of all depends on fairness, and who thrive on a subtly corrupt system of favours and benefits for a select few.

In the future, we will see more legal, rather than political, diplomatic or military confrontations, since the corporations will slug it out using the money they have extracted from populations too stupid to prevent the inevitable.  In the meantime, people will earn less than ever before, for jobs that were once considered skilled.

Religious confrontations, tolerances of variations in interpretation, and social control enabled by division and the imposition of changes in doctrine, are often the most directly bloody of the lot.  Any study of religious history will tell you that life is extremely cheap when it comes to religion.  As I have previously mentioned, religions have often historically formed to improve the performance of armies, as well as providing pastoral services, exchanging information across national boundaries and exerting social influence via regular meetings.  There is nothing new under the sun, and the more intelligent reader should pursue a wide knowledge of religious history to understand the forces at work, and their relationship with the ultimate worship of money. There is ultimately no such thing as a benevolent religion, because religions seek to restrict behaviour and impose shared values where there are none.

A wise person seeks to control their own anger, and so improve their ability to tolerate confrontation, because this is the difference between fitness to rule, and a lack of fitness to succeed at a much lower level.  The same can be said for countries who seek to impose their values on others via military intervention. All empires wax and wane for this reason.

The same can also be said for religions which preach intolerance and a hatred for others.  A mature religion has learned the importance of remaining benign to preserve the sanctity of life. If you are asked to die for your religion, then there is a significant problem.

Beware of people, countries and religions declaring themselves perfect, pure or true, because they have lost their sense of relativity to others, including you.  The only result in all of those cases is ultimately death.



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