Gold and more Gold

Japanese gold, Indian gold, Chinese gold, gold from a defunct shop I used to rely on that is now like hen’s teeth.  How much gold is Little Shiva’s chair going to take?  As much as I can find.

Another Trishul is on the way, but I would really like the big 15 inch one on ebay.  It is a hundred quid or so so there is no way I will be buying it anytime soon.

Researched some Sanskrit for part of it, and decided it was a little bit too regimented for the badly drawn effect I wanted.

Started work on the Damaru, it is going to take a lot of stabilising as it will be carrying at least 40 kilos before anyone even sits on the thing.

Met a tiny irate man.  Well, when I say met, I met him a year or so ago, just after the bank debacle, but he was so irate I didn’t think he could possibly be interested. He is also very tiny, with impeccable taste.

I am obviously not going to make any kind of move after the disastrous year I’ve had. I will try further eye contact and see if a conversation starts.  He is in the restaurant business.

I am very upset.

I have been reading about the Christian men’s movement to introduce fear and dread as a method of controlling their relationships.  This is very similar to some of the Islamic teachings on physically and mentally intimidating your spouse.

I think sometimes a reality check ought to involve a cattle prod.  If you can’t be friends, you shouldn’t be in bed together.  Simples.

I wish I could talk to someone sensible. There hasn’t been a day in I don’t know how long that I would not have been happy to see Little Shiva, which is very stupid.

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