In Praise of Glasgow

This week has been educational, as I made some publicity stuff for Haram Bawbag.  I do not see him using it, but I have a nice ‘kiss my ass’ sticker on my car for his amusement when I pass by.

I am proud to say that Glaswegians have grasped this in the spirit that it is meant.  I would not be calling him names if I didn’t know and like him, therefore it is a positive rather than negative art statement. Long live our proud tradition of calling each other horrible names for fun.

I do not know if he has managed to persuade his moll to read the story to him but although I have not been uncritical, I could have gone into a lot more detail and the whole thing could have been a lot worse.

I do wish I could actually speak to him, but I am in no mood to be messed around yet again so I do not feel like compromising my comfort zone for a person who acted as he did.  If he wants to see me before it is no longer possible for legal reasons, he can do some work.  I should not have to.

Haven’t managed to move anything on this week for various reasons, but should get back to it shortly.



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