Mistaken for a young person (again)

You would think this was a good thing, wouldn’t you?

So yeah today I went from my hairdresser, who is knocking on 20 years older than me but thinks I’m the same age and always makes a point of saying so,  which is kind of depressing, to my usual trip of fetching coffee and healthfood, and was randomly accused of something or other by a passing moron whilst sitting awaiting some lights to change.

I am not 12, sorry it is not OK to randomly scream obscenities into my windscreen.  I go out very rarely and do not appreciate being harassed in the street when I do.  I make the same dull trip every time.

I think it is being cheerful they object to, they want everyone to be as limited and miserable as them.

I suppose it is time to change the routine anyway.



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