Def: Irrational, thoughtless individual who is unable to question information handed to them as long as they are told that the information relates to science.


It was a struggle to come up with today’s Scientard of the Day, since I had been rather lazily messing around with a page called We love GMO and vaccines, but the prize goes to my mother’s hospital consultant, who decided to take a pop at me about my mother’s diet whilst knowing nothing about it or her medical history.

I am constantly amazed at how relatively stupid people get jobs like this, as clearly they managed to pass some exams at some point, but here is a prime example:

“Oh yes, can you tell me about your mother’s diet?”

“What would you like to know?”


“Well, it is based on three avocadoes, a jar of honey, plant milk…..”  I did not get to the hundred ingredients from all over the world or the fact that is formulated for my mother’s health condition, although I did mention that as a non-acidic diet it does not aggravate her stomach before I was interrupted with:

“I don’t agree with the science.”

“I am not at all interested in your opinions about science.  I was sent an almost dead woman with a huge oedema and tissue paper skin and this is us six months later.  Clearly I am doing something right.  Did you actually check her blood work before you decided to say this?”


“Perhaps you should compare the blood work between my mother being under the care of this hospital and under my care, and then come and talk to me about science.”

“I am providing medical care for your mother, I am not here to start a fight about her diet.”

“Why did you bring it up then?  And why would you take on a medical career if you have no interest in health? It’s probiotic.  This is the longest my mother has been without antibiotics in ten years.  I thought you were supposed to be prescribing fewer antibiotics.  Is that not the case?”


“I have had NHS staff lying about her weight, criticising the diet, questioning me, bringing in dieticians I did not need.  All to justify your little badges.”

“Oh I’m glad you’ve had a dietician in.”

“She knew considerably less than I do.”

“Oh I doubt that, she is a professional and has studied for a qualification.”

“A professional who does not know what selenium is, and the NHS are apparently not bothered about B12 deficiency in the elderly.  If that is what passes for a professional in the NHS…”

“You seem a bit hostile.”

“You bet I’m hostile.  I’ve had this conversation with countless people now, each one stupider than the last.  I am sick of being harassed.There are nine sources of protein in her drink.  There are nine sources of protein in her drink.  There are nine sources of protein in her drink.  We aren’t even vegan.  She has eggs and fish every second day.  What is your problem?”

“Probiotics.  The science hasn’t been done yet.  We don’t really know how they work.”


So, we have gone from ‘doesn’t agree with the science’ to ‘the science doesn’t exist’ and the stupid bitch is still trying to argue.  Meanwhile my mother would have been dead six months ago.

This is typical of the scientard.  They were told by someone in a white coat, or they weren’t told anything, therefore they wish to pick a fight.  They don’t actually think or do any research, because they don’t have to as long as they can refer to ‘science.’  In the case of medical doctors, they have the benefit of several free drug company holidays to spend time researching if they were actually interested, which most of the time they are not.


The economic and social arguments against GMO are extremely strong.  America is waging economic war on the rest of the world.  GMO is nothing to do with saving anybody, and everything to do with punishing the already poor by taking their subsistence from them.

Vaccines, which I have no strong feelings about, are big business and since it is a major public health issue, there is no excuse for poor research and product testing.

Medicine in general, is dominated by extremely large pharmaceutical companies who, like the food companies, dictate how people are educated and how that information percolates down to you.

If you trust any of these people with your health or future, you are extremely stupid.


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