America First and the Slave trade.

America first and the slave trade

There is nothing virtuous about virtue signalling.  It seems to be the new hobby of choice for thousands and thousands of people.  The irony is, that they did nothing when Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months, and these same people are accusing Trump, who clearly knows nothing at all about political theory or philosophy, of corporate policies which he is actually counteracting with his for their benefit.

As somebody who actually does, I hate to point this out, but Trump’s policies so far have indicated that he actually cares about the 50 percent of people who have suffered from globalisation, and that he does not mind offending his billionaire buddies in the course of putting things right.

God forbid that a politician actually does what he says he is going to do, as soon as he can do it.  How dreadful!

Many of Trump’s policies have been prepared in advance by the Obama administration.  The pillage of the national parks in the form of the legal ability to frack was already scheduled. The American people seem only to be interested in finding a hate figure and putting the blame squarely on them.

To be absolutely clear, I am no fan of Trump.  He was a brash and messy operator in Scotland, and he does not have any interest at all in the welfare of individuals when it comes to his own interests.  However, his actions so far indicate that he wishes Americans to actually get jobs, shock horror, and that wage rates are set to improve if his policies last any length of time. It is a very sad day when the left does not protect the interests of the vulnerable, in favour of policies which can only lead to a reduced standard of living and income for the majority.

It is very similar to the common misunderstanding in the UK promoted by the media, that protecting your own interests in the form of an actual border is racist and backwards.  Anybody with the slightest understanding of how economies actually work can tell you that this is corporatist.  To scream for more immigrants is to lower wage rates, reduce opportunities for the population and to allow the development of an under-underclass who are exploited and make a mockery of minimum wage rules or basic living standards. Many of us who actually see what happens to immigrants when they get here want to reduce the numbers on the basis that in a situation of desperation, nobody is safe.

Far better to pursue a similar neo-colonial investment programme such as that employed by China in Africa.  Nigerian businesses have complained about the Chinese starting businesses there and undercutting them, such is their success in this direction.  If you really cared about the people fleeing their countries, you would invest in them, via charity or seed funding, but instead people appear to prefer standing about the street telling the world how wonderfully open minded they are whilst effectively reducing their own living standards. I say bullshit to that behaviour.

It is as ridiculous as the Caribbean demanding slave reparations from Scotland, a country who lost 100,000 people who were sent there as slaves.  Just because you are white, it doesn’t make you immune.  Meanwhile black Africans continue to enslave black Africans, as they have done for centuries.  Go and protest at that. Arabs continue to persecute anybody who does not agree with them.  I don’t see you all protesting that either.

Yesterday I tolerated some anti-Israeli bullshit from a Scottish Nationalist.  Right, so it is OK to hate Jews again, as long as you are pretending to be tolerant?  This makes no sense at all.

What does make sense, is that everybody halt the march of the New World Order and the spread of communitarianism, because this is a fast way to fat slavery.  The key to fairness is to encourage people in their own countries in the form of investment and care, not invite them to yours or demand to interfere with theirs.

Just eight people have half of the money in the world.  Eight.  Where are the protesters???





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