Yes Boris, Nah Tory – Coronavirus

This last month has been utterly sickening.  May the thoughtlessness of people know no bounds.

Apparently Boris cannot follow basic instructions.  I too have had the virus, followed my own instructions and was fine, despite the best efforts of the person who stated that he was ‘not bothered in the least’ about infecting me.

I was very lucky, because I immediately donned protective gear on the off chance that I had been infected. I was able to work from home throughout being ill .

As my efforts via our incompetent government evidently fell on deaf ears at the WHO, I have contacted the WHO to ask why they are pretending not to know that people exhale.

I have also discussed the matter with a Senior medical practitioner in India and with a government official in Africa (don’t know which country, I took what I could get.)

I should not have to rely on anecdotal evidence from Wuhan via youtube to find out how best to protect myself, and why they seem so keen on having the sheeple infect each other I do not know. Something serious is most definitely afoot.

Also rather jarring is the patchy provision of PPE to the NHS.  Staunch Tory areas are reporting no problems at all, whilst other NHS providers have endless problems with equipment and actively refuse to allow medical staff to protect the public and themselves by COVERING THEIR MOUTHS.

The delightful tories of twitter have responded to Boris falling ill with this being a team game and issue of personal fortitude, which is how tories think.  If the problem doesn’t happen to them, it doesn’t exist or it is a matter of personality.

In the meantime, civil liberties have been attacked for the next two years, with the public cheering them for doing it.  This is not OK.

Another issue which has been highlighted by this is the incredible racism displayed by people’s reaction to it.

China attempted to contain the infection, and when they failed to do so, accepted responsibility.  It still may not be their responsibility.  I suggested to an enterprising journalist today that he examine similar incidents of mysterious outbreaks near research facilities in other parts of the world rather than jumping on the ‘we all hate China because they sell stuff’ bandwagon. It’s just racism.  Racism is racism.

Someone suggested to me that we wait for the results of Austria and some other white country to see if we could end the lockdown.  The best results are still those of South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.  Enough with the fucking racism now.

So, right you dont like poor people so they can die whilst supplying you with shopping.  You don’t like elderly people, so they can die because you are quite happy for them to be declined medical treatment as long as it is out of sight and the care is provided by an unmasked and badly paid carer, who is also at high risk of being infected, but nobody cares.  You don’t mind that the NHS is actually being used to TRANSMIT THE VIRUS, because all you have to do to create that situation is refuse to allow staff to wear PPE, as actually happened to more than one nurse and doctor.  You don’t mind being a bit racist, as long as it is towards people in the far east who cannot answer you back, even though they have been far more responsible than your own government. You don’t mind that disabled people are being asked to sign DNR and refuse medical treatment even if they need it, as long as it is nice and tidy and in their own homes.

The flu jab makes you far more susceptible to the virus.  I was asked if I wanted one not two weeks before the announcements started.  No thanks.  I’m not in your playpen.

If Boris does not come out of hospital ready to make some serious changes to English culture, I will personally make it my business to taketh away.  Capiche, Lucifer? It is now blisteringly obvious that those snivelling wimps you surround yourself are no match at all for anyone.

The rest of you are sychophantic, murderous, hateful twats and I don’t know if I actually care anymore.  There are billions of people in the world who have only fruit and facemasks for protection.  My guess is that they’ll fare a lot better than you in this pandemic.

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