Brexit Media Bullshit

The EU debt Clock Do take a look, and bear in mind the following – The USA alone has more debt than money and gold on the entire planet.


I see the earnest remainers are still out in force, protesting the small minded bigotry that led to the Brexit vote.  It is a wonder that they still choose to live in a country they seem to believe is more than 50 percent racist. How tragic that they may have to stand in a slightly different queue at the airport, or study in the University, within easy reach of their home town, that they planned to study in anyway?


Brexit is a shitty short term vote, I do agree with that.  The idea, unless you actually listened to the campaign – and personally, my belief is that most people didn’t –  was that the payoff would come over the next two decades.


Passporting has caused the banks to rethink their ‘mass exodus’ from London, as the nearest alternative is now thought to be New York, in terms of all round service.  The newspapers are filling columns and maintaining their straggling readership with tales of migrants causing little Englanders’ loss of their way of life (boohoo) and repeating ad infinitum the same misinformation.


Whilst the Conservatives are so far failing to show economic leadership, preferring to sit on the hedge, so to speak, and see if they cannot wangle a compromise, they rather shot themselves in the foot giving people the option in the first place.  Cameron’s referendums will be the stuff of legend in Conservative history for centuries to come, and not in a good way.


I have written several posts on the possible upsides of Brexit, none of them anything to do with migration in either direction.  What the cosy remainers seem to be missing, is the giant spectre of companies bigger than countries.  The EU is designed to assist with a process that does not benefit the individual in the slightest, and after TTIP, will hugely disadvantage countries who wish to protect their interests against said companies.


I am tired of explaining this over and over again, so please feel free to trawl the news section of the website  and find the other articles.  I will post them on my timeline on Twitter, if you feel like checking that.


What is fairly amusing, is this idea that English Brexiteers seem to have about Scotland belonging to England.  They even talk about Project Fear, and their independence without any sense of irony.  Scotland, on the other hand, must stay in its place, because they must get out of Europe and protect their Englishness.


As I said earlier today, it is a question of management.  A good manager makes himself invisible and helps people by giving them what they need to flourish.  A bad manager intervenes, exploits, criticizes, wheedles, subverts because he is nervous about losing his place.  England is far from invisible, and they certainly haven’t had a care in the world about giving Scotland what it needs to flourish.


Modern thinking seems to be that you must feed the sharks, and starve the smaller fish.  YOU WON’T HAVE SHARKS FOR VERY LONG WITHOUT FISH!  How many different ways of describing this do I need to come up with?


Brexit may well have been a shitty short term vote, but long term, it was the only way to protect the children of those whining remainers from a life greatly limited by the interests of fewer and fewer people, with lives which most people will never see, never mind understand.  It was a vote for creativity, individualism, freedom and the protection of our environment from unethical business practise.  For an island, Britain has been incredibly stupid in giving away essential coastal industries and support services.


We seem to employ a veritable army of very stupid journalists in this country.  It is high time the general population realised that they can believe nothing, and unless they are prepared to take action, they should really do something other than whine.


Conservatives – you need to change tack right now. Show some leadership, show some responsibility, let Boris off the leash and get some actual work done.  You need a rival trade deal to TTIP, and you need to protect your own governance before it is too late.  Once Bayer buy Monsanto, TTIP will be back on the table with Merkel, and then all hell will break loose.  A massive agricultural disaster will soon follow, which as an island we could steer well clear of.  Do you really want to live in a chemical wasteland?


Be bold, and go forth and win, for once.  If I do not see some decent management soon, I will get considerably louder.

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