Why does America like assholes so much?

Donald Trump Attacks Puerto Ricans Who ‘Want Everything Done For Them’

The above article is based on actual tweets from Donald Trump in reference to the recent disaster in Puerto Rico.  Personally, I think Trump is becoming rapidly senile, and we can expect more gaffes and non-understanding as his presidency wears on.

In the meantime, Trump fans are again sticking up for this as if their dubiously Christian values are supported by pointing and laughing at people in serious trouble.

This feature of American education struck us in the UK first when the fights broke out about the impeachment of Bill Clinton.  America apparently could not decide between worship of an adulterer, on the grounds that he was a go-getting success story, and disapproval of a man getting his bits licked by an unsuitably cuddly intern.  America likes its women stupid, thin, and compliant, and its men greedy, nasty and brutal, with no regard for others, apparently.

So, should we take it from this that ultimate capitalism is basically a dom/sub game, where you pick your preference, to fuck or get fucked?  What implications does this have for the future of all these ravished countries they have insinuated themselves into by bringing them their idea of demawkraseeeee?

Further, since there is some similarity here, a case of narcissist versus empath?  Empaths are clearly a bit socialist, and socialism is a very bad word to many Americans, who are not taught sufficient economic history to realise that they are educated to believe this in an effort to prevent any dangerous resurgence of unionism or workers having anything approaching rights?  Capitalism, on the other hand is inherently narcissistic.  Lose your empathy and shit, shit, shit on other people as hard as you can, quickly, before they notice.

So, to be happy and realise your American dream, you should lie, steal, shit on other people, grab as much cash as possible and spit on anybody that has not done the same or that shock-horror actually wants to help you for no apparent reason.  (Some readers will know that I have some direct experience of this) Once you have done this, you should patronize and use anybody that you regard as beneath you, no matter what the evidence of their being more intelligent or nicer than you, on the basis that they have less in the way of cash.  This is purist narcissistic behaviour, so it is little wonder that Americans are fascinated by this particular personality disorder and apply it at every opportunity.

We are seeing some new American aggression online too, in the form of the obsession with the kneel protest against racist brutality, because the kneelers apparently do not worship the flag sufficiently.  We in Britain know all about this, as my friend ‘Aldous’ used to say:

“Why is Great Britain the best country in the world?”

“Because it simply is, sir.”

We used to do the same thing, when we expected our little soldiers to go and slaughter people all over the world to establish our linguistic empire.  We were very successful, for such a piddly little country, and we still reap the rewards.  However, we left a trail of engineering and industrial seeding that we are not seeing from the Yanks.  The Yanks are more interested in sustaining the hopefully soon-to-decline oil industry and making sure that everyone will buy their poisonous food so that they can install their money-pit healthcare and fake voting system all over the world.

Trying to explain this to shouty and ill-educated Yanks is a fairly boring sport.  Sometimes I waste as much as fifteen minutes on it.  Yesterday, a Canadian who was writing a science fiction book about Canada invading America with the aid of aliens was being ‘destroyed’ by a Yank shouting about how this could never happen.

“Try looking up epistemology.”  I said.

This is a polite way of saying “Don’t you know the difference between knowledge and opinion, you miserable little shit?”  but he failed to look it up and could not join the fairly obvious dots, so I then had to explain it to him, which he then ignored because he could not answer.  American education is some of the worst that I have ever seen.  They like to keep people dumb and unhappy so that they will buy more stuff and believe more shit.  It is, in short, the most dangerous country in the world.  In my lifetime it has gone from dumbass teenager to violent twenty something, and the results are not pretty.

So, next time you get to Macdonalds, Baskin Robbins, Asda or Starbucks, keep walking.  You are supporting a violent, stupid and narcissistic country who would fuck you and then see you dead for an extra tenner.  You have been warned.



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Is the UK turning into America?

In the last twenty years we have seen the full death of integrity in the UK.  Integrity at work is frowned upon, and in some cases is a sacking offence. Integrity of belief in politics is to be sneered at unless you are a Conservative.  Integrity in product development is often dubious.  The integrity of the BBC has been severely compromised.  Only this evening I commented that Tony Parsons and Julie Birchhill hadn’t been on for a while, and then I realised that this was because Labour is not in power, and they are probably quite lazy now anyway.

The media is pumped into our homes by an inflated and lower quality supplier, in my case free of charge, although I could just plug in the box my broadband supplier sends me and get a lot of extra useless channels if I really wanted it. Freeview is more than enough, I do not need anything extra, and to be honest I could live without that too.  All too often, we see the same faces presented to us year after year, sometimes being paid millions of pounds to appear, and the people concerned are neither talented nor interesting.

We have lowered the denomination of information to the point where it is largely useless, education is of considerably lower quality to improve the statistics and innovation is apparently to be discouraged unless it relates to mass market products.  From ‘the bland leading the bland’ days of Tony Blair, British culture has been in a downward spiral until we now apparently have a population so stupid that they respond to our unelected PM repeating the words strong and stable over and over again in place of anything approaching attractive policy.

What became of the questioners, the innovators, the creative thinkers, the academics straying into other walks of life and seeing a new angle, or even discussing it?  What became of the BBC I used to be so proud of?  What became of honesty, hard work and the individual?  In their place we seem to now see subdued lackeys lazily carrying out the mugwump instructions of people with too much money and no imagination, who in turn are carrying out instructions from people with even more money and less imagination.

I have written many previous posts on the danger of corporatisation. It endangers education, creativity, healthcare, public service provision, politics and the nature of your daily life.  Nobody listens, because life is more convenient if you do not have to think. Perhaps if I appeared on Sky or Dave making jokes about it people would take it more seriously.

True freedom takes work and confrontation.  It involves actual debate, and an actual exchange of real ideas.  It does not need to be repressed by strong and stable leadership, and there is no passing the buck.  Sometimes freedom costs, and sometimes you really should start paying, in the form of putting some actual work in and saying NO to things that you know perfectly well just won’t work.

If the UK is to stop the American rot of complacency, lazy thinking and blaming others for their problems instead of actually helping them solve these problems, now would be a good time to do it.  No thanks, we do not wish to bomb Syria.  No thanks, we do not wish to sell the NHS.  No thanks, we do not wish to be sucked into more American economic mistakes in the form of the ‘consumption-led economy.’

I have never heard such rubbish as I heard on the news today on this very subject.  It is lazy, stupid thinking to make consumers with ever-shrinking disposable income the focus of economic policy.  It is a cop-out which leads to disaster, and if that disaster fails to affect you, it will certainly be visited upon your children.

Boris may well have had a Brexit accident, but it was a good accident.  A weak pound encourages the export trade, which is the only way of having a genuinely strong economy.  Small businesses are proportionately far better for the economy, in much the same way as feeding the poor makes more sense than tax breaks for the rich, who merely squirrel their extra money away instead of spending it.  Small businesses employ more people, innovate, answer problems far more effectively, just as the poor spend and stimulate their local area instead of sending their cash to the nearest tax haven.

If I can see this, and our government cannot, who do I vote for?  Sort yourselves out.


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