What fresh English Bullshit is this?

So, today Theresa May traversed the not-particularly perilous Georgian pavements of Edinburgh (they were built like that for the coaches and horses) and went for tea (but no scone, it’s Edinburgh) with Nicola Sturgeon.


I have a generic email from the SNP indicating that Scotland is to be included as they ‘explore the options’ for Brexit together. Nicola assures us that she is ‘exploring all options’ for Scotland to remain in the EU and, despite media rumours to the contrary, Europe is quite enthusiastic to have Scotland help pay the bailouts for Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.


Theresa May was a remain supporter.  Scotland digging its heels in would make it far easier to scapegoat Scotland for not giving our charming English friends what they want. You can look forward to thousands, if not millions of English trolls, chavs and generally quite stupid people ranting about the whinging jocks getting their own way if Theresa decides to use the option of gifting Scotland the blame for not bothering to Brexit at all. Win-win, since the conservatives can then claim that it is not their fault that they cannot carry out the wishes of England and Wales.


It would be a lot better for Scotland if a deal can be cut to allow the UK to exit, in exchange for us going on our merry way, complete with our recovered resources.  This gives them the best of both, since the situation of our goods being shipped from England and showing up as English trade can simply be reversed.   The enormous munitions dump to the west of our coast could be cleared at the expense of the MOD, and I am sure they can enjoy the scrap value of a couple of centuries of rusting metal. We would like our sea back too, thank you very much.


English journalists such as Faisal Islam are already preparing articles suggesting that we are ‘further complicating’ Brexit.  At no point does anyone plan to admit that the UK cannot afford Brexit without the benefit of Scotland. Lie upon lie, as per usual.


I do not agree with every policy the SNP goes with.  The current strategy has gone very well. At this point it is important to be extremely careful with the immediate future.  Whilst a great many English remainers and Brexiteers will be catching on to the depth of deception in the media, you have to take decades, if not centuries of bigotry into account.  They don’t like thinking.  They like hating.  Likewise the selfish and complacent Scotland hating no-voters will do anything, and invent anything to prove their rightness, even when the truth is staring them in the face.


So, my thought for the day is – do not be conned by offers of short term gain.  There is only one way out of this.  Agreeing to complex soft soaped negotiations is a waste of time.  Conservatives, like most young greedy bucks, are only after one thing.  Be prudent, Nicola, and do not get suckered in to taking the blame for Cameron’s fatal error.


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