Looks Like He is in Retirement

So it may or may not be Rishi.

Rishi does not read the blog, unfortunately, so I won’t bother too much talking about tories for the forseeable future.

Boris was a frequent visitor from 2016 to about 2020, then the visits tailed off a bit.  I had never previously heard of Cliveden and was unaware of government dens of iniquity having their own servers.

I doubt they will select Rishi, but whatever.

Anyway, the aim was, as I said, lifetime access to Chequers, an extra 115k a year of taxpayers money and free security, so he doesn’t actually need to run again.  I was surprised he even bothered cutting the holiday short.

Very bored at the moment, but making a millinery inspired coat.

Bawbag’s shop has been done out by the new tenant, they threw what was left of the oil can out this weekend, which was rather sad. Expensive tiles sitting out awaiting the bins.

Another sad end to a sad story. Poor Bawbag.



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