The night before I find out what I will be doing

So, Bawbag has evidently taken some time off his travels, haven’t had any telling hits in the last day or two.

He is probably being waited on hand and foot in some enclave, given the countries he appears to be visiting. It remains fascinating to me how his priorities work.

Had an interview today, have another two tomorrow, still at work so far, taking next week off to complete some work for Christmas, hopefully, but not bothered again about bringing new stuff out at Christmas given that I cannot advertise it the way I want to. Still pondering how to rework it and building a new film budget. I am thinking in a more documentary way about it at the moment, but I just don’t feel that serious anymore and tbh my odd feelings for Wolfe revealed that entertainment is a whole lot more effective than education these days.  People are more interested in being stupid and judgy. You might as well, like Madonna, just make use of that if you want to get some attention for your topic.

Just finished a new coat, which will be getting some further embellishment before being revealed to the world.

The main job I am up for pays a few thousand more a year, I will not be hugely upset if it is a no as it involves peopling, but I outgunned two and a half thousand people to get to this point, so yay for me, I guess. I will survive regardless, given that even the most mind numbing job I have in my inbox pays very well with a low pound.

I would have liked to so something reasonably fulfilling at some point in my life, it is so boring being stuck in groundhog day year after year.

Don’t think I am going to gain any satisfaction at all from employment anytime soon.



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