So, to set the story straight.  Here is what actually happened.


Staring Brat 1 decides on seeing me for the first time that I’m his gal.  I am grieving and in a new job, so I do not notice until he drags four people into the office and creates problems for each of them. Two are told that they must work extra hours, one is told that he is misusing his phone, which he isn’t, and I am told that invisible people are saying nasty things about me but he is there and wants to know about my home situation.  I smell a rat as he stares so much, inform the others that the problem is nothing to do with them, and tell him that I find the story ridiculous.  He continues to stare, never makes another attempt to speak to me but I know he is still staring.  He also makes several negative remarks behind my back, which I am well aware of, in an attempt to create situations in which I am likely to be frightened and which put my job at risk.  If he does not understand that frightening people is unlikely to make them like him, then he is seriously disturbed and requires treatment for SPD.

The dude is huge, but all I can see is a small child being beaten to a pulp every time I look at him, so I know that he is a bit inadequate, but this is no excuse for being frightening and creepy.

I am transferred, thankfully, to another team and meet Staring Brat 2, who seems like a smaller, gentler and somewhat wittier person, but then starts to become enormous very quickly after I tell him his seriousness is beautiful.  Nevertheless he is happy and continues the physical flirting until I see something with the beautiful girl, leading me to believe that he is with her. (it is very unclear to this day what is going on there)

When I offer to transfer off the shift so that they can continue their relationship in peace, he becomes furious, and continues to be furious right up until he gets me fired via his manager. I have seen several indications that this guy has extreme CPTSD.

His wife, whom I knew nothing about until I looked up his company, then tells me that Staring Brat 2 regards it as  ‘good and fun entertainment’ to carry out the instructions of Staring Brat 1 and punish me for not liking him because he is jealous. Seems like they are both a bit jealous and a bit stupid, to be honest.

Staring Brat 2 also appears to think there is some money in it for him, since he is the one that was making the enquiries.

The manager tells me that as long as someone is saying something is harassment, he is going to uphold it, that I am getting a warning for a problem I have already solved, and then the company expressly fire me for sending an email and having a perfectly respectable conversation, saving themselves the month’s wage they owe me in the process and ensuring that I cannot work for them again.

This is a disgrace.  If you employ this so called ‘professional financial services‘ company be aware they are far from it.  They apparently cannot even manage a couple of gym bunny team leaders, never mind your business.  Don’t think they will be getting additional contracts out of this. The source of risk was never me.

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