It never ceases to amaze me how much people think they can take the piss.

I am now taking legal advice.

I do not see why I would tolerate this after all these years.  I’ve had enough.

On a lighter note, something weird is happening on a personal level.  I have barely thought about Wolfe for three months, which is not so good. and perversely, I look out for SB2 on the website every day, although I at no point claimed to have any depth of feeling for him or particular belief that anything was going to work out.  I was just doing my usual distraction tactic because I did not want to think about what happened to my mother. He was delightful to look at, but apparently furious with me when I stopped participating in the hilarious fake flirting. I certainly don’t feel like writing  after that repulsive episode.

He is neither a safe nor a particularly nice person on the evidence presented, so I do not plan to bother finding out what he thought he was playing at, since he would not tell the truth anyway. What would be the point?

I, however am a safe and very nice person, so I do not see why I would tolerate a series of stupid little boys trying to drag my name through the mud and causing me any financial difficulty because they thought it would be a laugh to see me terrified enough to presumably want to bonk SB1.   That seems to have been the idea anyway.

This is not healthy, nor funny behaviour and I made it entirely clear to the people I spoke to that my aim was to prevent anything like this happening to anybody else.  Instead I get yet more stupid little boys thinking they can talk smack to me and I will just roll over and die.

No thanks, I think I come after you all directly. I do not see why I would be held to a different set of rules than the rest of the office.  I got several emails inviting me out for drinks in the course of working there, and nobody got fired over that.

Fuck you all very much for being really nasty individuals.


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