Alternative National Survey post 2

I would like to say that this week has been hilarious, with the number of outraged lower middle class former New Labour Voters, who assume that if a piece of research is not sanitised so that you don’t know how small-minded and thoughtless your views are, it is automatically offensive.  It reminds me of a few years back, where people imagined that you could not say the word Muslim if there was a Muslim in the room.


Having worked with Muslims several times, they are not in the slightest bit offended if you say the word Muslim, question them about aspects of faith, or converse about anything at all, actually.  Likewise, it is not at all outrageous to point out that if you imagine there are no problems with the very limited amount of immigration in Scotland, you are kidding yourself on, or you hate other Scottish people, including a great many concerned Scottish Asians,  far more than you hate immigrants.


There is not a single point of view in that survey that has not been taken from real life situations.  If you have been fortunate enough to avoid them, good for you.  Other people, who you evidently do not know, have been severely affected by our lovely globalist EU experiment, migrants and native dwellers alike.


Having studied reasons for racism and expressions of racist sentiment, there is nothing unusual about the strain the minimal number of new arrivals have put on communities in Scotland.  Likewise there is nothing unusual about areas in England, who have borne the brunt of EU immigration saying that they would rather not have it any more as they are, in some cases literally starving.  Apparently many in Scotland have divorced themselves from this, preferring to listen to the totally offensive anti-Conservative (and in some cases anti English) rhetoric coming from the SNP this week, and I say this as someone who has voted SNP for years, and who strongly disapproved of the last thirty years of Conservative policy.


I am fortunate enough to have a very open mind, and to have a wide variety of experience to draw from for the purposes of tolerating the drivel that has been said to me this week.  Drivel on top of drivel, because as a middle class Scottish person, I have experienced appalling treatment by the very people expressing such outrage over the selection of views portrayed in the survey.  It is perfectly OK for such people to hate other Scottish people, and they like to let rip if they imagine that you have something they don’t.


So, as far as exposing hypocrisy is concerned, the project thus far is a big success.  270 people bothered to read the last blog post on this, but 200 of them were too scared to answer the survey questions, despite the fact they are anonymous, because they imagine if they don’t express their views, then I am somehow invalidated.


Grow up Scotland.  This is no way to get what you want.


I will post the results when I have a proportionate representation of Scottish views.  This may take some time, since apparently people have been trained out of saying what they actually think.

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