Gypsy at heart, Geek Chic and Palette Handbags

These bags were made for the Sheep in Wolfe’s clothing collection, made whilst I was failing to communicate with David Wolfe, health guru, mainly but not entirely due to my crap sense of self after years of gaslighting.

There was no way of otherwise communicating with him at the time, and as I was overcoming quite crippling shyness, I was literally incoherent, so in addition to being carpet samples, effectively, they were saying something about me.

So I guess they say that I am a shy geek that moves around a lot and is rather fond of colour, basically.

The idea of the Sheep in Wolfe’s clothing collection was in the first case a tease, because the first thing I noticed about Wolfe was that he was promoting veganism whilst wearing wool.  I also wanted to make the versatility of my chosen medium clearer, and find a new way of presenting samples.  I could sit and make samples for years, but they wouldn’t be otherwise useful for anything. This was a way of getting Ina’s free marketing strategy underway whilst creating a sample.  I have never been particularly worried about sales potential of these items as they are intended to illustrate what is possible.

It is also a marketing trick, being in several tag zones is always better than sitting in only one as more people get to see your stuff, and between these and the teapots, which I will talk about in my next post, they were a good idea.  Clicking through them on the site will get you to the etsy store page, where you will see how they look on actual people.

They take about a month of fairly hard work to make, and generally speaking I start with a pile of materials and my hands kind of do it without me, so vague memories of images I have seen come through without much input from me.

I have developed a bit over the years and the visuals get more complicated with time, but generally speaking, the David Wolfe items were all simple, commercial, generated to improve marketing and widen the scope of what Ina is capable of.

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