Today’s post

Well another long long day is not quite over as I now have to do my other job.  I have the same 15 hour day tomorrow.  It is kind of tiring.

Bawbag seems to be amassing quite a lot of new flying monkeys, which is quite hilarious as you drive down the street and hear people ask fascinating questions about what could possibly be in my wool boxes.

The boxes are full of wool.  You need wool if you are stitching wool items.

We are all very sorry that you have to obey the law the same as absolutely everybody else who lives here.  We should obviously also apologise for existing without permission.

On a happier note, have formed a reasonable picture of what I want to do with the new artwork.

Got a lot of work done today as it was quiet, hoping to get the tongues finished to the next stage by the end of tomorrow.

Should you wish to see the post I removed in case it was upsetting for you, I still have it here set to private. You need only ask.

Oh that’s right you can’t.

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