Another Productive Day

Well, today was interesting.

Working on three new business projects, so a little busy.

Welcome to my new interior design friends, I will be networking for a few weeks so I am hoping to add quite a few to my list.  I may create a directory on my interiors page if anyone wants to get in touch and express interest.

I will be building a couple of websites, scrapping an old project, and probably outlining a new one over the next few weeks, so I imagine I will be relatively quiet with the possible exception of the release of the small bag and shoe collection.  I am about a third of the way through that, so I am hoping to have some work to show by Christmas this year.

This has been a long time coming, I have been wittering about shoes and smaller bags for years, and now that Little Shiva is past the major time consumption portion, I finally have time to do it.

Haven’t touched Haram Bawbag recently, so will be moving towards finishing that shortly.

Many thanks to all the readers enthusiastically downloading.  I will be putting out more work shortly.

Hello to my charming shoe muse, should he stop by.


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