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chitty chat

I have no particular topic today, so just a bunch of random thoughts.


I watched the debate between Trump and Clinton, and am shocked to see the number of Americans who are completely incapable of thinking politically.  Two people today that I bothered trying to talk to not only failed to notice that I was not American, but assumed I was a Clinton supporter.  Their political arguments seemed to consist of repeating everything Trump says.  This lack of awareness or education is quite frightening.


Many relatively sane Americans are now comparing Trump to Hitler, but to be honest he is more of a Mussolini figure.  Actually, scratch that, even Mussolini was advanced in comparison with Trump, who now looks like a whining self advertisement with no actual awareness of what he is doing, or why.


It is rather insulting to have to watch it to be honest, never mind seeing the mind numbing response of Americans to watching Trump eat his own feet in front of millions of people.  Why is someone this dodgy even being considered as a candidate?  Why would anyone consider voting for him?


Apart from that, the mandala is in its final stages, and I have found that galleries are very keen to see what I can do with furniture, so I will be working on a quick furniture collection over the next month or so.  The carpets and handbags are quite expensive, so I figure some furniture items and creating a design concept that can be acquired might provide me with more of a portfolio.  I do find two dimensions very limiting, so I cannot imagine doing much in the way of painting.


The Boris Experience is not going well.  I find I like him less as he gets older, from the books so far, and I am shocked to find Stanley is not the person I thought he was at all.  From a seemingly kindly and pleasant individual, I now find that he is a sort of gadabout socialite, and Boris, in comparison seems relatively human and serious. This was not what I expected at all.


I am also having some problems with vision at the moment, which is a bit limiting when you are trying to do any reading.  I am hoping that this improves, but it is not fun when you are used to having perfect eyesight.


Apart from that, I should be doing a mandala post shortly, so please do look out for that.  It is an interesting piece.

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