More thoughts on politics?

I just had a horrible thought.  I wonder how the British public would react if several thousand Conservatives were told they were to have their money and property surgically removed, that they were fit to work, but there was no work available, and if they missed an appointment made by some faceless stranger that they would receive no income and have to rely on a foodbank, but only if they fulfilled the criteria demanded by the foodbank.  If several thousand of them committed suicide, and several more starved to death.  I wonder if they understand this concept?
If they were told that the UK was being (more obviously) bought by an American corporation, and that from now on, health services would be run on lean, profitable principles, meaning that their services would suffer.
I cannot imagine how anyone could actually stand up in public and admit to being a Conservative right now, never mind represent them.  They have gone through many similar crises in the past, and still people do not seem to understand that it does not matter how much you earn – you could still end up in a cardboard box being spat on by people just like them.
I spoke to one today, who was very nice actually.  He is a notorious troll from the Highlands, but he was perfectly pleasant.
Later, I was challenged by a young lady, who announced that she was from a council estate, and had a politics degree.  This apparently qualifies her to hate other people, and her own country.  I say this because you would really have to hate Scotland to seek or support a Conservative government.
Now, this is not quite as directly daft as it sounds because I said the word snobby, and snobby, if you are an idiot, means you have had a gentle upbringing.  There are thousands upon thousands of people who have no understanding that SNOBBY CUTS BOTH WAYS. She believes that her degree has elevated her, and separated her, from her council estate, and now she wishes to make life difficult for everybody else because if she can manage to sit down and do a perfectly normal degree, then of course everybody else loses their excuse not to be in the same position.
I do not come from a council estate, and I have had a gentle upbringing, and I do not believe that it is acceptable for any government to repeatedly victimize and manipulate sectors of the community, taking it in turns to target students, the elderly, the disabled, Scotland, and areas ‘who are unlikely to vote Tory,’ to paraphrase Boris, to fund wholly inappropriate policy benefitting ‘yes men’ like Toby, over-privileged oiks like the Downing Street pair, overpaid and largely talentless people who look good in a suit and actually do very little in the workplace. There is a dearth of passion since Blair’s ‘bland leading the bland’ and this dearth has led us precisely nowhere in terms of operational efficiency.
I think we would benefit from motivated, honest, frictional new blood.  I think we would benefit from the feeling that no matter who we are, we have at least a shot at a chance of a decent life.  I think everyone would benefit from being able to care for their families without having to be in a state of constant stress, and I think the last four decades have taught us that blame culture does not lead to a healthy economy.
Whilst you can waste a lot of time arguing in a situation where everyone has a voice, you can also forge new pathways to a system which promotes fairness and appropriate opportunity for all.  Conservatives do not believe in fairness for all, any more than New Labour did.  It remains to be seen if Corbyn is the new English messiah, but as far as I am concerned, the only way forward is to reinvent the entire system to eradicate these outdated team games we are conned into playing as if the world consists of rich versus poor. The economic world consists of people.  If you do not treat people well, there ought to be a mechanism of failure.
As I have outlined in several previous posts, the rich get rich because everyone agrees to make them rich and keep them that way.  There comes a point where we should say stop, you have enough, and move on to promote competition for the benefit of companies/employees/individuals themselves, never mind us as the public. That is the rational approach to managing our outlook as consumers, entrepreneurs and employees alike.
As far as welfare is concerned, as I have already said, it ought to be a matter of national pride to ensure a basic standard of living for people no matter what their circumstance.  What Osborne and Cameron have demonstrated, is that this sense of pride does not exist.  That (their) spare money is far more important than people. That hate and the derision of others is a useful weapon in making sure that you keep yours, and somebody else suffers.
Why would you want to wear a badge or jacket that says you agree with that? What happens when it goes wrong for you?

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Negative Feelings are Helpful

TwistyHeadedMan is staying in my spare room at the moment, he is extremely helpful when I am lost in my creative funk, which both last year and this became oppressive in June/July. I guess I have a touch of seasonally affective disorder, since I seem to become unpleasantly obsessed with work during the summer, when I really should be out in the gardens.

Last night, I got him to take a look at my post on Wolfe.  ‘Grumpy but positive’ I said, is that OK?

‘That’s how you always are.’ he said.  I really am turning into my father.

It is often very difficult to find a positive spin to put on an extended period of unadulterated misery, especially when it involved binning two years of hard work, but I have found over the years that it is sometimes wise to be floored by the punches rather than rolling with them.  Were I to publish my classical academic work as Ina, I would at least get a few people to read it now, as opposed to sweating blood over an ignored epic under my own equally ridiculous name. World events since 2011 have proved that the academic book is not only necessary, but essential whether the object of my devotional work likes it or not. (see other posts)

I could look on it, rather angrily as four wasted years that could have been easily avoided, but it is no big deal.  I am well used to being underestimated.  Ten years ago I was involved in a corporate scandal.  The company involved simply could not believe that one scruffy woman would have the audacity to call them out.  Since then I have lived an extremely quiet life, but I learned a lot.

Back in the days of my feverish research into the raw food movement, I used to become irritated at the insistence on positivity circulated by the more popular speakers.  Positivity is all very well if you do not require your brain to be engaged on critical pursuits, but it is as useful as a chocolate teapot when you need to be more strategic or analytic.  It is almost used as a weapon – J P Sears has a rather good video on New Age spiritualism which concurs with this view. Please allow me to let you in on an apparent secret – no feelings are truly unnecessary:

  1. Grief is fine, and if you ignore it it comes back and bites you in the ass.  It lasts as long as you decide it needs to.

  2. Jealousy is a mammalian construct, any owner of multiple dogs or cats will tell you it is not exclusive to humans and is inbuilt for survival.  Whilst it is not much fun experiencing it, and I personally have chosen to reject it as useless, it is not unnatural to protect yourself from pain.

  3. Sadness, often misdiagnosed as depression, is entirely natural.  Depression needs to be clarified by definition as irrational sadness, often physical in nature, and can be alleviated first by dietary means, and then by simply giving yourself the time to pinpoint your repressed anger.

  4. Anger is fine.  It is much better to allow some flash fury than pretend to maintain your cool and become depressed later.

And so on.  My work as Ina depends on the ego, particularly the wounded ego.  If I was to pretend that everything was fine, Ina would not exist and no work would get done at all.  All feelings are fine, all feelings are productive.   Nothing in your life should be wasted.

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Two days of ten a day

For the doubting Thomases and Thomasinas out there, I am going to talk about the joys of ten vegetables a day.
If you are squeamish, I suggest you do not continue with this article, as I am going to be very honest indeed.
I was a raw foodist for about three years.  The only reason I stopped was a protracted period of broken hearted misery caused mainly by family strife, and a kind of self regeneration inspired by my hate-love-hate non-relationship with David Wolfe.  He may be a bit of a plaster to the untrained eye, but evidently I quite like his style in my perverse, ‘I love a challenge’, kind of way.
I have been back on my ten a day for two days, and so far the shooting pains down my legs and in my hands have gone, the chest pains are slightly better, going to the loo is considerably easier and safer and the foggy feeling that goes with eating flour and sugar, which I gave up a week or so ago, has been eradicated. The eradication is enormously helped by the fast-moving vegetables, and a colonic a few years ago verified that a colonic merely speeds up what a high vegetable diet already does.
I am not doing anything particularly unusual as yet, the vegetables are either steamed in my uber powerful health dressing and a can of tomatoes, or raw with the same dressing. If I particularly need to jazz this up a bit, I tend to use tom yum paste, or whatever else comes to mind.  Hence, although it sounds austere, it is pretty good actually.  I also made a big batch of sugar free chocolate, which as long as I have it in stock, I do not really care about eating, a bowl of sugar free raw caramel, which will be eaten with fruit when I get around to it.  I have not bothered with supermix so far, as supermix requires that I remember to drink it after soaking it. Food has not been a massive priority in the last couple of days.
The dressing is a medicinal concoction I put together during my raw period – there are a lot of very pungent ingredients. It has around 12 ingredients, each of which would make your hair stand on end for flavour, but they all have medicinal qualities.  Supermix has 80.  It is quite a struggle to remember them all at times.
Now originally when I did this, I was considerably sicker, so here comes the squeamish bit.  In the first four days when I originally went raw, (I went for 80 percent or so) bladder weakness, presumably caused by a bowel issue, vanished, the pains in my joints and legs subsided, my skin started to clear up, and I generally felt more clear headed.
In ten weeks I dropped 70lb in weight and my skin entirely cleared up.  My doctor at the time did not recognise me.  After this I managed to start walking, which I was far too tired to do before, and I ended up losing 160lb in a year and a half of not really dieting. I had been quite depressed, due to the lack of objective help offered by conventional means, and the condemnation about your ‘lack of self control,’ when the real problem is that your gut bacteria has been completely compromised by conventional food.
When I attempted to be vegan for a period, it became a real struggle, and I did find that once a month or so I was a bit like a starving lion, which is OK for a few months, whilst you figure out whether this is conditioning or your body saying no really, you should go and kill a rabbit now, or whatever your cavewoman equivalent would have done, but long term, unless you want to think like this, you really have to figure out what you are lacking or eat some animal products already. I can tell you, if you are a social creature, that before you give up the animal products you can still eat out, almost anywhere without looking like a food nazi to other, less well informed people.
I can tell you that I was severely anaemic for several years before I went raw, even as a low carber, and being raw completely cleared it up.  I can also tell you that in terms of my looks, I am probably about fifteen years younger than my actual age when raw.  Some of the arguments against being raw are nonsense, and some, by trial and error, are a matter of personal choice.  The vegan police are not going to come and arrest you if you cannot completely manage it.  For me, eventually, 90 percent raw, with an allocation for fish or meat means that I never have to think about food, which suits me a bit better.
Fruit, which is perfect for some people, is not perfect for me. I find it ages me in comparison with vegetables only. I look considerably better, and feel better on a vegetable based diet. Fruit is nice, but you really need to be able to put some time into burning it off as fast as you can.  I actually lost more weight eating ten vegetables a day than I did on smoothies, although the time spent eating alone is a bit tiresome.  Eventually, on supermix alone, I became a bit too artistic, and stopped exercising, which was not terribly healthy, so a liquid diet, whilst very effective, is not really all that good for you.
Likewise, steaming your vegetables is not quite as good for your looks as eating them raw.  You have to find a balance.  If you look great, but find yourself obsessing about food to an unbearably boring degree, then it is probably time to make it bearable. Also, your diet should not bankrupt you, so if you find yourself buying a lot of superfoods and/or exotic fruit, (durians are £25 each here, as I found out when I bought myself three on my fortieth) then it may be time to tone it down a bit. The good thing, however, about making your own supermix with herbs and superfoods, is that you can tailor it to your individual health problems.
Finally, if you consider following this route to improving your health and well being, do it in stages.  On week 1 get rid of the sugar and flour and follow a low carb diet, on week two get rid of the cheese, coffee and other ‘dirty’ stimulants etc.,  You will go through a lot of changes in physical chemistry, and it is far easier to have confidence in your process if you are gentle with yourself. The aim is permanence, and recovery, not crash dieting. If anyone argues with you, quote the World Health Organisation – it is 9-15 a day, not 5.  Governments like corporate money.

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Cold Revenge

This is a strange topic for me, because despite my snippy nature, I am not at all cold.  I have recently discovered the joy of coldness.  It is not something I relish, as it means I am becoming the bitter old bitch I was apparently destined to be.
I wrote a letter to my siblings today.  In fact I wrote two.  The first one was irate.  Why was I irate?  After another month of blisteringly hard rehab, during which I restored my mother’s ability to walk, my sister went out and bought herself a wheelchair, for my mother to use only when out with her.
After years of cancelled arrangements for the two hours off per week my sister seems to think I deserve, I do realise that this is just typical behaviour from this person.  I disowned my siblings several years ago, and even now they will claim that I have caused the problem even though they have experienced none of the attacks they have forced on me.
I am a very direct person.  If I am annoyed, I will say so.  If you pretend not to understand, I will cut you off.  The rules are pretty simple.  If I enjoy your company, you may be given a few more chances but generally speaking, three strikes and you are out.
Wolfe and Twisty have both had considerably more than three chances.  Aldous also got more than three chances.  Sometimes I am pretty tolerant.  Too tolerant.  I have wasted decades on trying to make some relationships into something they are not. When I say this I mean pleasant, reciprocal.  I mean that the underlying assumption was that the people concerned were basically OK, and circumstances got in the way.
My family, likewise got years of chances before I wrote them off, and then assumed that they could bully their way out of it.  When they realised it wasn’t working, they tried bullying my mother.  I was not impressed by this, and had I allowed them to continue, they would have caused themselves a lot of legal problems.
So today, I put my absent brother in charge of the ugly sisters, and I put the drunk in charge of the lunatic.  I announced that I would not be putting myself in a directly hostile situation, which is a bit rich considering that I have lived in one for twenty years, and that they were to look after themselves, with the inevitable infighting this will cause.  The drunk will not enjoy that one bit. The lunatic will try to persuade the other two that as she is the richest, she is still calling the shots, from a different country, whilst nobody listens to her tiresome shrieking any more.  Once you are in your sixties, manipulative girlishness loses its effect.
I feel absolutely nothing.  You would think I would be happy, having manoeuvered them into a situation that means none of them have the excuse to bother me, but I feel nothing at all.  I just wonder why I wasted so much time being terrified and anxious.  I should have been able to do this years ago. I probably wouldn’t be headed for a stroke if I had. I wasted a lot of time waiting for my mother to take care of her own children, and she had no intention of ever doing it.  Why she bothered having them, I have no idea.
I will not go into how I got through the major family issues as it is covered in the next book, but suffice to say that my mother would have a lot to thank Wolfe for, if only she or he knew. Today, however, I dealt with them.  They can kick and scream as much as they want.  I just don’t care.
Recognise Carers as Workers

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Longevity is overrated

“Why are you here?”


“Why did you call us here today?”


“Why did you come here today?”


“Is it OK to send her home?”


“Your mother is elderly, there is no point.”


“The NHS wouldn’t do that, there is no point in referring her.”


“This practice doesn’t do that.”


“She was diagnosed with dementia as everyone over 80 who has a stroke is diagnosed with dementia.  She has perfectly normal thinning of the cerebral arteries.”


“We have drugged your father as he is difficult. Perhaps he is in pain.”

Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets
Sentenced to death for being old
Elderly Patients NHS care – your stories

These are all direct quotes.  Being elderly is no picnic.  Being elderly on your own must be absolute hell. Having experienced being ignored, sideswiped, having anything I say ignored with my own doctors of late –  talking of which – here is a doozy from the doctor I was with a few years ago –


“If it was what I thought it was, you would be dead by now.”


And I can tell you that it makes no difference whether you are healthy or unhealthy, your doctor is likely to make a decision about you and stick with it, no matter how much effort you put in to getting to know them or avoiding going, to prove you are not the witless hypochondriac they seem to think you are.


Here is the treatment for a head injury in an elderly lady a year ago in the allegedly inferior Victoria in Glasgow:

Heart check ECG
Scan for cranial bleed and/or stroke
Blood tests
Three days observation in an appropriate ward
Occupational and physiotherapy

Here is the treatment for a remarkably similar head injury for the same lady since the Queen Elizabeth hospital was built.

Wound cleaned
No appropriate beds for elderly patients, even if any action were to be taken following a scan, which would not be taken.  No scan

I have also been told that even if she required a drip or post-operative care, I will be doing it at home, with the occasional aid of drop in paramedics.


Believe it or not, for me the new system, of making lay carers responsible for nursing duties, with no training in observation and rehabilitation, is not altogether bad news as I do not have a problem with devoting 24 hours a day to my mother and I detest hospitals.  My father died very drugged  in one, my friend died in the same one, and my uncle died rather unexpectedly in one.  When you are over eighty, your survival depends on having a lot of visitors, so the fact that I am here all the time and can work flexibly around her location in the house is OK for me.  It is not the same for other people, and it certainly isn’t the same for the unfortunate elderly who lack a relative prepared to live like a nun to take care of them. The rehab is 24 hours here, and I have the luxury of knowing what motivates her, which is a mystery to most of her family, never mind anyone else.  It is extremely hard on me, however, and my life, in turn, is going to be considerably shorter as a result. I would hate to see her go the same way as her brother or my father however, so I am glad to have her here in many respects.


It seems that the new corporatist state wishes only for workers.  You are entirely expendable under a system of discretionary excuses, regulated by NICE and delivered in varying degrees by doctors.  Basically if you wish to attain longevity, you had better pray that you have no problems requiring conventional medicine, because from my experience, unless you have spent your life amassing visitors, you will not survive it if you are over whatever age they have deemed appropriate.


There is additional discrimination against women, from doctors of both genders, according to some studies, but I will not go into that here.  I spend a disproportionate amount of time monitoring the chasing pains across my chest to see if I think they are getting any worse.  Additional pains that were shrugged at turned out to be inflammatory in nature, and so alkalising helped considerably.  Try telling your doctor, or even most nutritionists that, and they will laugh in your face. Quoting what you have read about the issues does not help, and many doctors are very threatened if you have done any reading at all.


Since the banning of smoking in public places, and the reduced consumption of alcohol as a result, they have less means to ensure that you do not survive too long beyond your working life.  The internet and TV led culture we live in at the moment certainly help to make us unfit, but unfitness in itself does not kill us nearly as effectively as smoking and drinking. In addition, smoking and drinking pays valuable taxes, so they have discovered, since sending us on our health kick, that they have shot themselves in the foot in two respects – less tax income from cigarettes and booze, longer living and very inconvenient patients.


Whilst I appreciate that costs have to be managed as a result, it does not seem terribly fair that the elderly, who have paid into the system all their lives, should be told that they have had their fun, and they can just pop off now thanks.  Or that women, who pay into the system less, and take more in the course of having babies should not have their concerns dealt with. If my mother had had urethral dilation four years ago, instead of being put on permanent antibiotics, for example, I am pretty sure the cost issue would cancel itself out.


Instead we had problem after problem, with the former doctor who knew perfectly well that her medicine needed updated every three months, and used it as an excuse to argue with me until I changed practice so that his figures added up.  I dread to think how his parents get treated.


So, all in all, longevity is not altogether a desirable thing, unless you happen to have an awful lot of money to ensure that you get the best medical care possible, from someone who benefits from keeping you alive rather than balancing the books.  Living your life as hard as you can would seem a preferable option, especially in the absence of family or friends.

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In the mind of a conservative voter

Conservative voters should really be encouraged to live in gated communities, far away from the rest of the population.  I propose that we fence off Essex and the home counties and send them all there.  Or perhaps we could use all those nice tax havens for them.  In any case, people who are more concerned about themselves than about the welfare of their fellow countrymen are not people that I would recommend living next door to.


Why?  Well, as someone with a very progressive attitude to economics and a couple of Tories amongst my friends and family, I naturally have a lot of conversations about politics.  My Labourite and former Labourite friends tend to think I am a bit right wing, and my Tory friends just think I am stupid for caring and possibly a bit rebellious and over emotional.


It is very simple.  If you are interested in the nation state, and when I think about issues, I tend to think at a nation state level, rather than how things affect me, then Conservatism makes no more sense than Socialism.  When dealing with people over the long term, you become very much aware that people’s politics are determined by their self image.


The hospital issue in the West of Scotland, that I was discussing yesterday is a case in point.  When I informed my Tory friend about it, his first reaction was how this affected him. It did not cross his mind for one second that thousands of people were suffering and potentially dying as a result.  This is typical of the Tory voter.  It is all about you, the money, legally obtaining the money whether it is fair or not, and everyone who does not think like this is simply stupid.  Such people need a lot of bombs, weapons, policing and laws to protect them, because they, at heart, just aren’t very nice people who do not care about others.


Socialism, on the other hand, is in a sorry state in the UK.  It is divided, it is still hampered by this Blairite hangover of Thatcherism, and the genuine socialists wait to be told what to say and then repeat it ad infinitum.


Here is my perspective – running a country is no different from running a tribe, in much the same way that running a multinational is much the same as running a market stall.  There may be more components, but the basic transactions are the same.  If you want to run a country well, you make sure that all sectors of the community are treated with a basic level of human dignity.  If you cannot manage that, arm yourself because sooner or later the rest of your tribe will turn on you.


Conservatives like to think that there is a rule book for life, that nothing bad will happen to them, and if it does, the money they have squirreled away will solve the problem.  Try replacing an absent arm or leg with a pile of cash and you will see that this idea is false.  Enjoy the sensation of that pile of cash dwindling because you do not qualify for benefits if you have too many savings. Pay out some more cash on people to do what you cannot because of your absent limb. Nobody will help you, in a conservative world, because nobody can survive without working, just like you. Life is not fair, and the only thing you can do is decide that if you prefer not being murdered or robbed, it is really better if people do not starve to death or commit suicide.


Likewise, in Scotland we have the case of the Unionists.  Unionists, whether Conservative or Labour, are a little bit thoughtless, a little bit selfish and they have little imagination or vision.  They have their house, they have their pension, everything is very neat and the question of independence is too far fetched for their tiny brains.  Having ‘eaten their cereal’, they are now constipated and their movements are hampered as a result.  They do not wish to consider the matter of morale, of a rebuilding of a system that does not work and they fail to realise that Scotland is actually an occupied country.  It may not be occupied by military (so far) but it is certainly occupied by the media and the crippling influence of Westminster.  It is entirely beyond them to consider that they could create something much better, that works for everyone and makes it much easier for people to progress and enjoy their lives.


I have earned astonishing amounts of money at different times in my life, in my various careers, and it has never crossed my mind to begrudge my taxes to people who either should not be in the workforce, cannot be in the workforce, or who are taking a few years out to have children or take care of the sick.  I had a Tory mother and a very strong tradition of Socialism on my father’s side.  I count myself lucky to have experienced a great deal of debate in my family household.


When I visited America playing backgammon in 1998, I was asked several times whether I wanted to move there, and my reply, a surprise to me as much as anyone else, was that I could not possibly live in a country that allows people to starve to death or deny people healthcare on the grounds of money.


The primary reason for fairness in a society, and this ought to be understandable to all, is safety. Your pile of useless cash and friendless, money funded life of luxury is far more assured by treating everyone with a basic level of human dignity, than by having an armed policeman outside your door. In a corporatist world, people are learning not to trust government.


This is serious stuff, we are moving out of the period of political economy financially, and everyone is aware that artificial growth figures are sustained only by inviting more rich people into the country and selling them luxury goods, by using our tax havens to get 3 percent of something rather than 23 percent of nothing, and by putting thousands of students into debt, hampering their growth in a way that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago.  Yes, students, your debt counts as growth on which the political class get themselves voted in.


As a result, nation states are going to be phased out, unless we find a way to make our governments trustworthy, unless we stop feeding the giant companies that influence them, and unless we stop getting bound up in issues of who has the biggest pile of cash and whether that makes them more worthy than us.


It is very simple.  Nobody is more worthy than you, and your pile of cash is meaningless to anyone but you.  If you employ others to work for you, the likelihood is that you are paying them less than yourself.  It does not make them a less essential component.  It just makes them impermanent. And so you can continue to draw the analogies.  Everyone in a society is worthy, and whether you are a nasty little boy that went to Eton, or a paraplegic from Cardiff, you deserve a basic level of welfare.


Lining your friends pockets with public money because you managed to get your hands on the public purse is not smart, and it isn’t funny. Neither is pretending you are something you’re not. Honesty is a basic requirement for running a country and there is nothing funny about putting one over on the public.

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Your capabilities versus Toby Young

Your capabilities versus Toby Young

Continuing on my theme of public cooperation and the lack of social cohesion we have all experienced in the last few decades, this morning I briefly lost my temper with Toby Young.


Toby Young, for those who are unaware of him, is the Conservative sponsored answer to ‘celebrity’ journalists such as Julie Birchill and Tony Warren.  All three of these people have had sparkling and very easy careers thanks to their expressed views and the people they court.  I remember when Toby’s book ‘How to Lose friends and alienate people’ came out, wondering why someone in my peer group had effortlessly made it into the mainstream with a mediocre piece of work, useful only as a present for family members you do not particularly like.


It is a very English sensibility, the idea that a sector of the population somehow deserve an easy life, on the grounds of a few connections, a lot of massage oil, and a nice dinner.  People are quite prepared to accept their lack of importance.  There is a kind of safety in sitting in your house, complaining and doing absolutely nothing whilst someone else takes money to do something simple very badly.


Toby has defended the indefensible several times on behalf of his cronies.  He has a very nice house, a very nice life, and a mealy mouthed appreciation of everything he has been given.  In short, people like Toby represent why taxation is unfair, why people like you are unlikely to ‘hit the big time’ without agreeing to something you don’t want, why a sector of the population who prefer money to morality continue to use their incompetence and greed to ensure that you have an utterly miserable time whilst they take their lovely dogs for a walk and laugh about what a scrounger you are.  He even displayed his incredible ignorance of what socialism represents in his Twitter feed.  Sorry Toby, but I was so irate by the time I got to your stupidity on health that I could not continue.  You are a moron, of the lowest order.


This week, I discovered that the entire West coast of Scotland are expected to use A and E in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow. If you break your arm in Campbelltown, you are told to go to Glasgow for treatment.  If you hurt yourself in Oban, you also go to Glasgow.  I can only assume that someone sitting in England made this decision, which has also had the side effect of devaluing already cheap property right down the coast. In addition to this, I have been told that the new hospital cannot take patients like my mother, and if she requires a drip or extensive healthcare, this will still be managed at home, and I as an untrained person will be expected to take on the duties of a trained nurse.


Labour sold you all out, so that Helen Liddell could sit on your television set and smirk about the 42 new hospitals she was so proud of.  Under PFI, these hospitals will be unaffordable in ten years, making privatization of an essential service more attractive to the population. The only people who benefit, are the builders that presumably donate to Labour and got the work.


My heart broke ten years ago, when I discovered what a shitty, corrupt little country run by very average idiots I live in. Sometimes a broken heart is a good thing, because you have to recover somehow.


If you allow things to continue the way they are, you only have yourselves to blame.  You are just as talented, if not more talented that the people you sit and complain about.  Do something about it. Your country is already infested with scum like Toby and his cronies.  Get motivated, and get your lives back.

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Happy world health day

The Huffington Post, that source of minimal knowledge that we are all unaccountably familiar with, published an article on improving your diet to avoid diabetes this week.  At last the World Health Organisation have come right out and said change your diet to reduce diabetes.  I am sure the Boards of Nutrition in the UK and USA will be nonplussed.


Why?  In the UK, in particular, ours voted against dietary advice for people with diabetes.  Several of the board members also have interests in Kraft, Mars, Coca Cola, so naturally they voted against giving people nutritional advice along with their diagnosis of diabetes, as outlined in Hannah Sutter’s ‘Big Fat Lies‘, a thin but very comprehensive volume written by a lawyer shortly after Gary Taubes excellent study ‘The Diet Delusion‘ came out.


Both of these volumes conclude that a low carb diet is the answer, which is part of the truth and certainly better than poisoning yourself with sugar, chemical additives and white flour, but long term, I can tell you that it is not the complete and fully comprehensive answer.


Having spent years on a variety of eating plans, and having listened to an awful lot of people talk about what they eat, I can tell you that after you have got rid of the ‘Pure, white and deadly‘ sugar and flour, you should focus on getting ten, not five, portions of vegetables and fruit per day.  You will see a magnificent improvement in your health, and you certainly will not be hungry. Once you have achieved that, you will have little room left for anything else, but I can tell you that low carb in itself contains too much fat, and too much of the wrong kind of protein, which we have been eating far too much of as far back as the seventies. It is also simply too heavy as you get older, so once you hit tipping point on your long term low carb efforts, up the vegetables considerably.


Even a cursory look at the world of raw food will show you the benefits of a raw food diet, but again, it has its problems long term.  It is also a steep learning curve for most people, and some people just cannot completely manage it.  From a personal perspective, I would say as a rough and ready way of actually having a life – concentrate on getting your ten a day before you even start investigating further as this will get your body working properly faster than anything else.


OK evangelizing over.  Can you see why an increasing proportion of the population no longer trust authority figures such as governments to give advice?  Advice is never impartial.  When your doctor or some aggressive type challenges your choices, they are not necessarily talking from a position of knowledge.  The only person that can deal with your day to day health is yourself, and woe betide you if you prioritize anything above your health. (such as caring for someone else.) If someone is sabotaging your health, get them out of your life as fast as you can, because I am (almost) living proof that compromise is not an option.


Why were we given incorrect advice on nutrition for several decades?  Money. John Yudkin, a comparatively quiet man who advised against sugar and simple carbohydrates, was not nearly as well backed or funded as Ancel Keys, a noisy American with a lot of research funding to preserve.  The result was that millions of people were given incorrect information for decades, the information distributed by the medical profession, who do not receive a great deal of nutritional training.  They merely deliver the information.


If I had listened to my doctor instead of Wolfe 6 years ago, I am entirely confident that I would have had my first serious heart attack, and/or had treatment for depression by now.  My last few doctors have tested my blood, told me that I eat too much, and that they are very surprised that I am so fit.  The fact I have strong symptoms of an impending heart attack or stroke, and have nearly collapsed several times is apparently of no consequence at all. The fact that I am sole carer for a very dependent person does not even ensure that I matter enough to save.  I am past caring what they say, since I no longer trust them with my health as a result.


I may not be in perfect shape right now, but I am still here, with the benefit of a great deal of knowledge, if not motivation. (it is very difficult to care how long you live when the future looks a bit lonely and grim.)


So much for that. The point of today’s post is – whatever your health issue – do some reading for yourself.  I cannot tell you how depressing it is repeatedly telling people that they need to eat more vegetables and having them decline. As a research interviewer, I was able to tell what people were eating the minute they opened the door, such are the effects of a high vegetable diet.  The most important things for your overall health long term? Gym? Protein shakes? Slimming Classes? Expensive healthcare?


No, the most important things, from my insight gained from interviewing hundreds of people:

eat as many vegetables as you can
then eat some fruit and a small amount of fish
get a dog
if anything stops you doing the above, change things and just do it.




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Fat people can dance

Today, I blocked a South African lady on my facebook page.  I do not block people regularly, as I have little dealings with anyone apart from seriously boring men on my friends list, and even they get short answers if they cannot be bothered looking up my work with the website provided before they talk to me. I am under yet another alias on facebook, in case Wolfe would like to block me again.
I blocked her because she posted a video of a thin woman dancing out of time, followed by a very drunk lady who had become intoxicated and had mistaken the forward and backward roll for dancing.  This was supposed to be funny.
“She seems exceptionally talented at rolling about.”  I tried to see if she had a sense of humour.
“That thin one can move.” she replied.
“Not in time.”  I replied, and provided her with a link to a very talented break dancer who is frankly enormous.
“Not my thing” she sniffed.  At this point I decided I had nothing to say to this person and blocked her.
I have no time for people who cannot see why other people are fat if she sits and victimizes them, for obvious historical reasons.
Let me get this straight, for any fat people reading this, and please follow the links in blue in the text.

The bigger the belly the better the lover
Obese people less likely to get dementia
Fat people may statistically live longer

Let us now pause for celebration with this lovely video

Now that we have shared this information, allow me to continue with the other side of things.
Allowing people to bully you out of doing whatever you want to do when young, makes you frightened as you get older.  The fat won’t kill you nearly as fast as the fear will.  There is no reason why you cannot swim, enjoy a walk, dance, garden or whatever else your mobility allows you to do.  I do not recommend running, as your knees and hips are precious, but that is a personal choice.
I am not recommending fat as a lifestyle decision, I am merely pointing out that as a victim of two vindictive sisters, who would have bullied me over something else if it was not fat, that spending your life scared shortens your life a whole lot more than eating.
I have gained and lost well over a thousand pounds of weight in the course of my life.  Basically it has usually gone something like this:  

I get upset, and nobody wants to admit or address my issues, so I eat to stop myself talking about it.
I continue to eat because there is nothing I can do to make things better for myself.
I stop going out in case anyone sees me because it is too upsetting.
I eventually find myself uncomfortable, frightened, isolated and I find something else to do.
Eventually I cannot do all the things I want to do and I put tremendous work into losing it all again, only to meet some tiresome guy, or have a tiresome ex return and start the whole cycle again.
In the meantime, my family have usually eaten up all the time in between getting me to do stuff for them and complaining about it.

I cannot tell you how many similar, miserable people I see in the same predicament, particularly in the caring community.  Take heed, that it is the fear, and not the fat that is killing you.
So here is my recommendation:

Get rid of the people who don’t listen to you or show any concern for your feelings.  They are worthless, inadequate people who do not deserve you.
Show kindness only to people who deserve it, or who for some other reason you wish to show kindness to.
If anyone sneers at you for moving around, taking some time for yourself, dancing, or showing happiness, you have my full permission to give them the finger and carry on with whatever you want to do.
Do not allow anything you see on the internet to dissuade you from living your life, however you want to live it.
Thinster nazis will get dementia and die quicker, so bear that in mind as they abuse you. Enjoy a quiet smile at the clueless selfishness and lack of talent in the sack.
Bear in mind that the thin people complaining do not actually eat much less than you do.  They just did not make the mistake of allowing themselves to be crushed into a chair with comfort food. They went out and enjoyed themselves, with the added spice of having made you unhappy.

I will be losing weight again shortly, after I figure out the best way of dealing with the mother issue, and after I have started making the game, so do not assume I have some sort of fetish, however as someone whose wrists are 3 inches bigger than my sister of the same height, I am well aware that BMI is a lot of nonsense used by insurance companies and the NHS to torture people, and not everyone is supposed to be the same size.  I am positively Amazonian in comparison with both sisters, and I am also a lot stronger. I am never going to look like a gazelle. Get over it.
Finally, here are some nice pictures:
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The Public persona

Some wee millennial was making snarky comments about the blog the other day, and I do realise that I am not your usual chick, so I thought we could make today’s post about public persona.
I am going to talk about David Wolfe and Ina Disguise, since this is an abnormal representation of abnormal personas formed by at least one and a half perfectly normal people who know exactly what the rules are and exactly how to break them. (sorry David, but I genuinely have no idea about the other fifty percent as I stopped looking some time ago.  I think I know, but I do not have any confidence that my idea is correct. I do know that my idea of you is better than yours, so I keep going anyway.)
The game of Peek -a-boo is a game that all mammals understand.  I have even tried playing peek-a-boo with young mice, and they understand it too.  The game of peek-a-boo is all about you, your ego, and your relationship with the world via your eyes.
Creating a public persona is very similar to peek-a-boo.  There is you, there is your hand, there is the outside world.  Many people create public personas to lessen the effects of the outside world by creating a ‘hand’ in the form of a public persona. This persona necessarily includes elements of you, but it does not entirely represent you, as features such as your enthusiasm for scrubbing floors or counting floor tiles everywhere you go are excluded.  You would be surprised at the number of glamorous stars that suffer from OCD (I am not one of those, incidentally.)
Here is a peek at my character:
Some years ago, I was on a course in a fairly rough part of Glasgow.  There were a couple of guys on the course with learning difficulties, and I spent more time helping them than doing my own work.  I was condemned as a ‘manpleaser’ by one of the older women on the course as a result, as she did not perceive what was going on.  I learned a lot about why people in traditionally class-beaten households do not try to progress, and I learned a lot about how social pressures dissuade people from trying to do anything for fear of chastisement from their peers.
I considered writing a book called ‘Manpleaser,’ since I know that would get a lot of readers, but I was still too anxious and jumpy in those years to go ahead and do it.  I am from a fairly repressive family, as regular readers will note, and my mother continued laying on the ‘sex’ guilt really until I turned forty.  Now she laughs when she considers that she has effectively prevented me having a normal life, but that is another story. She may not be the nicest or most logical person in the world, it still does not mean that I would condemn her to misery. In any case, the point is, my natural reaction was to make the findings of my mini-experiment public, via an entertaining and slightly naughty book.  My nurtured reaction was to cringe and become extremely upset.
I had a similar problem with the artwork.  My artwork was done, in the past, as presents for the people concerned, not to get a response, but as a souvenir.  Many people in my life actually got their presents, and many more did not, as I was told that I should be ashamed of my gift making habit.
Even women of some intelligence are inclined to condemn each other for going after what they want, so I have taken care, since my twenties, to avoid them.  I think it is far more interesting to ignore social mores, such as waiting to be asked out, being nearby and looking pretty, making oneself available and not making any statements.  I think it is challenging for the reader, and I think it promotes a certain freedom that most people are not capable of giving themselves.  Therefore, when I heard the immortal words ‘chicks dig it,’  a bell sounded and David became my muse. The few people who are aware of my other self will know that I was considerably healthier for some time as a result.
My limited experience of David is that, although he is rather easily flattered, he is a perfectly normal person with a perfectly normal range of feelings, including a very similar rageburst to my own.  So although much of my work as Ina is promoting David’s public persona, there is a genuine empathy.  My understanding of some of David’s maligned activities in the past are from the experience of an overworked, over-generous at times, over-affectionate and over-emotional manager of a self-created situation.  I thought long and hard about it before I came up with Ina as the solution.  There were many alternatives to Ina, but Ina was the most effective, the most flexible and the most amusing solution to a complex problem.
What was this problem?

David fails to communicate with people offering to help, because he perceives that most of them are timewasters and he is aware that people can turn on you at any given moment, whether you are good or bad.
David likes to think that he does not take his career seriously, when the truth is that I have never seen someone take their career as seriously as he does.
There are holes in his work which cause a lot of his efforts to be wasted, and since I cannot discuss them directly, the only thing I can do is throw hints in the form of coloured marbles in fictional text.
Some of David’s associates are less useful than he believes them to be, and this wastes valuable time in terms of his ambitions. (both genders)
I would like him to exceed his own ambitions, not be killed or made miserable by them.

Now, my efforts as Ina are small, but I am told by more committed writers that I have done extremely well in the last couple of years, despite a minimal marketing budget and effort, and a work ethic which is constantly interrupted by my other commitments.  Once the game is completed, we should have a nice diverse range of cultural strands off the ground, and my hope is that other artists/writers/game makers will pick up the ball and run with it.  This is how cultural influence works. People like me scavenge concepts, juggle them, sculpt them a bit and send them on their way, for no real reason other than that we like doing it.  As I was saying about new social media concepts, if we all made some effort to promote things we liked, we would not be left sitting paying facebook to boost posts. The ‘chain letter’ effect, so to speak.
There are some wild facebook horror stories out there, including the man that paid out half a million dollars and got no responses at all from his ad, because he did not understand how the format worked. There are still ways around this, as long as you aren’t fussy about the target audience, but you need to put some hours in.
So, what is Ina Disguise’s function in relation to David Wolfe?  On a public level, Ina exists to put an alternative and thoughtful perspective on a question that had and probably still has no answer.  On a personal level, she leapfrogs all those pesky groupies that kept blocking any attempts at communication and does this very safely since everything she says is public.  She also says the things that nobody tells David, because David does not like hearing them.
She is the short, fat, ugly, nagging voice of somebody that actually gives a shit, for no good reason. She is everything that the David Wolfe persona has been set up to avoid.

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