Work and Play

Today we took a trip down to Troon beach and enjoyed watching some dude kitesurfing whilst I dug a large hole.  For some reason this was extremely therapeutic.

Waiting for my mother to come out of hospital is a big worry as apparently carers are supposed to go to the jobcentre when their charges are in hospital, and find extremely short term work to prevent them visiting their patients or catching up with house related work.  Eating is apparently unnecessary according to our benevolent government, as is keeping up your property since you are also deprived of any income for the property holding patient.  I wonder if anybody in government considers that since they already spend more on lunch than people who are ill get in an entire week,  perhaps they might like to consider those of us on a 24 hour commitment for sixty pounds per week?

Once I had enjoyed all of an hour on Troon beach, I returned to work and prepared the materials for the Theresa May piece, which I will be unable to work on until my income is restored, provided my mother makes a recovery.  Iain Duncan Smith is proving to be a fairly complex piece of work, since it has rather operatic overtones and a fairly deep level of expense.  I also need to test part of it to see if the ink will survive the process, although I did find a rather nice glass eye for it earlier this week.

Bordello Rhetoric may require some professional help for the hinges, as I have tried two types now and they are not working as well as I had hoped.  I polished a couple of lovely Georgian handles for it, and they have also rebelled, so it will be some time before I can consider this a success.

Boris without artifice,  which will probably be called Al once it is finished, is coming along nicely, but even when the design is finished, the work will only be a third of the way along as it is a technically complex and very novel piece of heavy textile engineering.  It is fascinating that textile artists will spend hundreds of hours on something that people maybe take 20 seconds to look at and write off, or on depending on how they feel.  I remember reading about another artist that had forgone her alternative career of being a GP to earn six pounds an hour messing with textiles and agreeing with her Indian relatives that she was probably making the wrong decision.

Two massive boxes are awaiting my attention, so I am certainly not short of work, despite not really having a hope of making a living out of it for another year or two.  I am not sure if Wolfish is really worth pursuing as it is a good three months of work to finish, for an animated and yet functionless bit of spectacular fun.  It might be worth doing for the sake of future Wolfe books, but I cannot help but think it is really just a nice picture, which I should then remake into a carpet.  I also have a chair to do for the Wolfe related work, which is going to be pending for at least another year.

So, things are coming along in their usual juggled and complicated way as I seek to create entirely new products which may or may not capture somebody’s imagination once they are finished.  You basically have to cling to the idea that somebody, somewhere will look at it and decide that you are a genius.  In the meantime you suffer messy clothes, messy hair and a messy life as you stagger about scraping together the money to do anything in the first place, in the absence of hope of the life you worked for before your loved one became ill.

I did manage to get the shoes for the shoe collection, so I hope to release them later in the year.  I think I should probably make them a priority for this year, as the prototypes will at least pay for some materials  if some mere mortal likes them.

In the meantime, I have enough to keep me working for about a week. Thereafter I will be seriously struggling to keep everything going, since I am responsible for making sure my mother has a home to come back to if she does not die.

Enjoy your bollinger.



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Manifesto of Murder

So far on our trip along the path to the General Election, we have some disastrous proposals from both Labour and Conservative.

Speaking as a Scot, I am glad that I do not have to consider any of them.

Your choice in England is as follows:


  • Tenner an hour official minimum wage
  • A spurious fake tenner for carers which would immediately be lopped off income support
  • Common Purpose ‘Let us pretend that we do not have an underground third world economy run by people of other colours exploiting each other by using a noisy liberal racist agenda under the banner of diversity.’
  • Let us also cling to Brexit as a vote winner because the North of England is tired of having massive populations of immigrants using up all the social housing and yet having no work.
  • Let us continue to pump money into London despite saying that we are doing something for everywhere else
  • Let us set up a committee to discuss the above for at least ten years without actually implementing anything
  • Please let us not notice that the ship is sinking and we will never be out of debt
  • Let us enjoy more PFI and employ Irish builders to rebuild the last lot of crumbling buildings we still haven’t paid for.


  • We must continue to kill the disabled and welfare claimants rather than create jobs anywhere apart from London
  • We must expand the commonwealth and exploit it as we no longer have the will or capacity to create jobs in the UK
  • More tax breaks for American companies!
  • More tax breaks for foreign billionaires!
  • More tax breaks for us!
  • The NHS must be destroyed!
  • No more pensions and useless eaters!
  • Tax rises for the squeezed middle!
  • We will pay for a hard Brexit by punishing you for voting for it!
  • Negotiation is hard, please vote Labour


So basically it is not looking good for England.  People seems to be very stupid, and the dangerous assumption that politicians have some sort of divine right to distribute misery rather than shock, horror actually administrate the country properly seems to prevail very widely indeed.

Just to remind you, no politician is more talented than you are, you are perfectly capable of taking action yourself and those very impressive soundbites they are so fond of are actually written by graduate interns who barely know what they are doing, never mind anyone else.

In other words, nobody is capable of running the country and you should drop the assumption that either political theory is better.  One leads to your premature death, the other leads to bankruptcy.

Perhaps the answer is to vote for whatever is less painful in the short term, perhaps you enjoy reading about the suffering of others.  You have certainly been conditioned not to feel it if you have followed the media over the last few decades.

I miss the days of my childhood, when people still had meetings that you were allowed to disrupt and protest and actually cared about the cause they pretended to support.  It is all so fake now, and people seem to be drugged into stupidity.

Personally, I suspect that looking at Liam Fox, Philip Hammond and David Davies, Theresa has decided that she would like to just take the pension and run.  As manifestos go so far, it does not look as if the Tories actually want to be in power at all.

Whatever you do then, prepare for a thin Christmas, because as far as I can see, disaster now looms, regardless of Brexit.

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Why versus Why not?

Emotions are very odd things.  Back when I was escaping misery caused by my family by indulging in misery caused by the unpleasant backstage behaviour of Wolfe, I stopped writing my original book as I constantly asked myself why.  Why should I write the book, why would anyone read the book, why would I assume that I was the right person to write the book?

Whilst you can waste a lot of time on pointless projects, world events since then have indicated that I should have been arrogant enough to go ahead and write the book anyway.  Apparently few people have tackled the agricultural history of America with a view to the impending disaster of GM, and even fewer people care about it.  The history of marketing has been covered by a few people, but nobody has seen fit to link it to the history of psychology or the effects on the modern population, to the point that we now view survival as entertainment on TV and we are increasingly being encouraged to look on creativity as madness by a variety of corporate sponsored research studies.

Looking on creativity as madness is a particularly dangerous and limiting viewpoint.  It does not benefit the world, it does not benefit the creatives.  The only people it benefits are the companies that would much rather you wanted to buy something.  If we allow this to continue, alongside the view of science being superior to nature as justification for destroying the very efficient natural resources we have left, we will be unable to make progress and the planet will be destroyed.  It is no coincidence, for example that our Victorian ancestors used their free time to indulge their whackier ideas with the additional benefit of a liberal view to products from the colonies dispensed by the local chemist.

This book has strayed back into my to-do list in the last few days as I consider how to go about dealing with my Boris Johnson book.  I have a fairly complex plan for this book, which is a bit more literary and a bit more fun than my previous comic strip style books to alleviate the Wolfe melancholy.

Hence, I am considering the matter of how different people, neither of whom I have met or plan to meet, have a different effect on one’s confidence and general sense of self.  Wolfe turned out to be a thoroughly depressing and very limited person whose obsession with money and women rendered him very boring unless he was speaking.  His speaking, which is technically fascinating, is limited to what he believes will extract the most in terms of immediate sales, at the expense of long term respect, which has left me with the feeling that a potentially great man has rather sold his soul for the gratification of the immediate.

Gratification for the immediate is all very well, but as aims go, it gets boring.  Boris has a different set of limitations, and in many ways he is also trapped by ambition, but not in the ways you might expect.  I shall explore this alternative way of viewing Boris in Lucifer Ogilvie, but for now it is producing a new development in my work which I am finding quite challenging.

I think overall that there is a long way to go with my work before I am happy.  I am doing something original at least, which presents its own challenges in terms of setting the bar I am happy with and taking it further.  Several of the existing pieces will be modified shortly, and a completely new set added as I throw a few ideas around and develop the product.

My friend is at pains to tell me that I should view all work as finished and ingratiate myself with potential dealers, that my pricing is nonsense and that I should not be too concerned about development.  My response is as follows:

  • The pricing is at cost – cost of labour, cost of material replacement, cost of storage – were you to purchase my items in a shop it would have to be at twice that price – yes I am flexible on prototype pricing, but the prices as they are reflect an accurate costing of the effort and are in fact quite low.
  • Ingratiating myself with dealers when I am not totally happy with my product is a waste of time – I am not so vain as to assume that everything I do is marketable or in fashion. That isn’t what the work is about anyway – this has been a period of self development in which I have been forced by circumstance to look for validation via something other than money or other people.
  • Making 3d objects has its own reward in the form of developing a range of skills that you do not get by buying things or even learning them.  I have previously complained to the BBC about this very topic as they seem to prefer encouraging children to buy the things they want instead of making them.
  • Writing as a form of expression is also useful and makes you more confident about other things.

So, despite my lack of funds and pension, I am certainly a well rounded person these days, with an aim in mind.  I now have to figure out why musing on Boris makes me feel so much more validated than musing on Wolfe, which made me laugh a lot, but also made me feel very damaged and unhappy.

Such is the adventure of the imagination that is being stuck in the house, wondering what happened to the twenty hour days and the burning ambition you used to have, wondering how the hell you will survive with no family, no money and no pension because you were kind to your parents and left with nothing but your lust for obscure carpets.

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General Election blues

In a shock move, Theresa May has decided to call a general election in 7 weeks. This after saying that a second independence referendum would cause instability. The only instability she refers to, of course is the instability of losing the collateral of a billion barrelsworth of oil that Andrew Neil blatantly denied the existence of only a few weeks ago.

Whilst I am grateful to Andrew for circulating my every tweet on facebook in addition to promoting me to his own fans by openly denying the truth that we in the village of Scotland already knew before the 2014 referendum, I am thoroughly pissed off with the hypocrisy of the English war against my country.

After conducting a small survey a few months ago, I ascertained that the Scottish electorate were not particularly clued up about economics and that even the most diehard supporter of managing our own destiny was not playing with a full deck of cards, I seriously considered leaving the SNP due to the hostile and rather hysterical response of the members to my short and comic survey on the attitudes of yes and no indy voters to the issue of brexit.  People are easily shocked, confused and inclined to crap behaviour, and since the class war is alive and well, particularly in central Scotland, there often seems no point in considering anything beyond your own nose, since inevitably someone will try to cut yours off without actually hearing anything that you had to say.

In any case, our feeling is that we have a hope of scouring the last Conservative from our fair country, leaving the rabid killers of the disabled few choices in their war against Scotland.  As someone with quite a pedigree in the long term issue of Scottishness and the crushing thereof, with feet in the communist and conservative camp due to my odd but extremely healthy gene mix, I am hopeful that we will get the issue of a more realistic attitude to the management of Scotland cleared up.  We simply do not need to be paying for more bridges in London or killing disabled and long term unemployed people to sustain Scotland.

I still do not agree with SNP policy in regard to immigration before job creation, and the word is that I am not alone, however, as a voter, they are on safe ground.  It is only backbiting, status seeking and rather sickening empty headed mortgage victims that need persuading as far as I can see, so rather than fighting with each other, I would suggest that cybernats concentrate on actually constructing arguments for Edinburgh types.

What I, and many others who remember and have actually bothered to study Labour Party history wonder, is whether Corbyn will actually remember that Labour was supposed to support PEOPLE WHO GO TO WORK in addition to bleating about diversity a la Common Purpose.  Immigration is still a huge issue, particularly for people in Wales, Yorkshire and Cornwall, some of whom have even less hope of ever working than people in the more obscure areas of Scotland.  Grants for computers and internet access would go far further towards making work available for such people online than persistent starvation, but apparently it is preferable to force people onto useless courses, run by recruitment agents that have gone into the welfare punishment business.  Making an extra tenner available for carers, which would in any case be removed from the accompanying benefits, is not a vote winner and so I am unsure as to why this was the chosen carrot this morning.

Anyway, I am unsure as to where things have gone wrong in terms of Theresa’s lack of actual mandate, since it has never bothered the Conservative Party before.  I can only assume that your vote in the General Election refers to the willingness to starve part of the population to death, blame them for pisspoor economic management, the sale of the NHS and the continuation of the totally fucking useless trickledown policy that makes the luxury goods market the only growth sector worth being in.  Show me the jobs, show me the quality industry and show me the poor that sustain their local shops by actually eating, and then we will discuss my vote.


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Boris Johnson Experience Progress

I have finally given up on the Gamebia Project, as the flannel continued from the apparently bemused project leader in The Gambia.  The last straw was his failing to identify his own phone number on the email account central to the project.  I am usually more stubborn about forcing things to work, but this was too tiresome.  The last thing I need is another person who apparently thinks feeding himself is some sort of big favour to me.

So I am back on track with the Boris Experience.  Biographies have been read, philosophy has been skimmed, furniture now has resin to finish the first pieces.

So then, Jemima Khan, Darius Guppy, and Bordello Rhetoric, the first furniture pieces will be complete in the next month, enabling me to concentrate on Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa May, and a few other surprises.

I have also started work on another epic carpet, which is provisionally entitled Boris without artifice.  Boris has apparently reawakened my subtle side, although Bordello Rhetoric is as flash as I get, which is extremely blingy.

I am considering an application to Four Rooms once I have got to the point of doing a press release and released Lucifer Ogilvie, the alternative Boris Johnson.

I was laughing rather today, as I considered that not one but two ex boyfriends over the years had thought they were being disparaging when they asserted that I would much rather be shagging Boris.

“Any sensible red blooded woman would.” was my rather bemused reply.  “Apart from his lack of responsibility with women, and his horrible sister he is approaching perfection.”  I see from one of the biographies that Rachel is friends with the Earl of Glasgow and family, which figures given my experience of them.  The biographer referred to them as qualifying her as linked with the blue-blooded, and the Glasgows are not a particularly good example of that.

In the real world, Boris is probably too scruffy for me. I share his love of scruffy vanity, and so I appreciate a snappy dresser.  I rather like to see a chap dressing beautifully whilst I shuffle about in rancid plimsoles and glue covered clothes.  I avoid brushing my hair and tend to have at least one bit of wool and some paint stains.  Two vain scruffs do not a pretty sight make.

Anyway, that is the news, currently.  I am considering turning the blog over to doing reviews of luxury goods, since that will inevitably put the website on a better footing for future work, so perhaps I will take a crack at that in the near future.



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The Gamebia Project Update 2 and Boris Johnson

I know I haven’t been posting a lot recently.  Mother has been in hospital and I am a bit stressed about a forthcoming court appearance as I continue to attempt to run a family of exceptionally stupid and vindictive people who seem intent on making people unhappy just because they can.

The furniture is significantly held back by lack of funds at the moment.  The hazard of making more expensive items is that they require more money to develop.  So far I think I have the new principle about half right, but it will take another £600 or so to finish the first few pieces and free up space for the next six, never mind finish them.

The distraction of the Gamebia Project has meant that I have not started working on the book for Boris as yet.  I have some background reading still to do, although some of the biographies are less than flattering so far.  I can see why Boris withdrew authorisation from one of them, as I find myself liking him and Stanley, in particular less and less as I read it.  Not my cup of tea at all, but then I am wildly unsuccessful at social climbing or making money, unlike them.  It apparently pays to be a cold and selfish fish.

I am selling off the detritus from the Gamebia Project as progress seems to be exceptionally slow.  I am still being updated by my former friend, although I suspect he is only bothering because he thinks he will get more stuff that way and I have lost interest entirely due to the very slow pace of development.  People often think films have to be epic slogs, but when you need to put out two a day you have to be a little bit more pragmatic.  At the rate he is working, he will never make any money from youtube, and he has not even attempted to create the project on fiverr, which on my schedule would have started paying for his rice by now.

So much for trying to help people that cannot be helped.  The subject of the project apparently only sees one word in ten that I write, and so he has no idea how the project has to be managed.  As he has now stopped pestering me online every time I am on, as he did before he got the equipment, I cannot even repeat the same information ad infinitum to put him on the correct track.

So, I think the next affordable bit of product development is going to be the range of shoes I was planning, which has an initial outlay of about a hundred pounds or so.  The Gamebia has, due to cashflow issues, left me without even that for the forseeable future, so I am understandably nervous about going ahead.

The games project and the writing then, since it costs me nothing.  I could have farmed some of the work for the game out, if my Gambian friend had paid any attention to what I was saying, but I am having to do it myself.

Getting very bored with pacing myself for normal people.  It seems piteously slow.  I guess that is how my former muse, Wolfe felt.  Nobody sees your vision like you do, and anything else seems like a distraction if you don’t pay attention to the lesson you are learning.


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The Gamebia Project Update


I wish that this post was going to contain good news, but the project is not going well at this point.

Scuppered by limited funds, I am scratching together the funds to continue as I was sold a bad batch of computers, at this point if I am successful I will bring the project to break-even at this end.

My protege in the Gambia, who told me that he knew what he was doing, seems to not know what he is doing at all and is now only in communication once every twenty four hours to ask when the next computers are coming rather than getting on with his end of the project.

Despite my own lack of funds I have sent the following items to The Gambia:

  • Two PC tablet computers, which were intact when they left here, well packed with chargers.  One arrived broken, and has been sold to provide 3000 dalasi (£60) to provide immediate assistance to the recipient.
  • A digital camera, capable of producing video plus cables, batteries, charger and SD card
  • A condenser microphone for recording interviews and connector cable
  • A multi adapter to enable several different items to be used with the tablet
  • An SD reader, in case any of the cables get lost or sold
  • Three memory sticks, to assist with transferring information should mobile broadband be too expensive
  • A speaker, to enable testing of the material before sending to me for editing
  • A mini to usb cable for tethering, but this is now free because the recipient figured out how to get the tablet online despite the expense
  • An SD card, unspecified

The speaker was taken by the recipient’s brother on the first night, and the SD  card went to the recipient’s boss as he had provided loans to the recipient.  He has failed to update me on the other items, and so I am unable to report how many of the others he has lost or sold.  I included two tablet computers, since I was aware the recipient has constant financial difficulties as this is why he started talking to me in the first place.  This should leave sufficient equipment for him to start a channel on youtube, a blog and procure work from fiverr which would easily provide him with an additional income.

I suggested that as the recipient is very shy, that his somewhat more go-getting brother be the face of the project, and sharpen his presentation skills in addition to making better use of the equipment than selling it.  The recipient tells me that in Africa, people expect money before success, which tells you rather a lot about why some areas of Africa are in a constant state of economic failure.

The recipient has not said thank you yet, nor is he staying in communication.  Before the parcel arrived he was constantly talking online, he now appears once every twenty four hours and either complains, or asks when his next parcel is arriving.  I have told him that unless I see some evidence of the project at his end, no further parcels will be forthcoming, which he has responded to with more complaints and excuses.  I set up two email addresses, a youtube channel, a separate account for linkedin, a facebook page with likes and recommended a specific twitter account be created for the project.  He appears to have struggled with all of this, and now seems not to have understood any of the conversations we had prior to my sending out the equipment.

I have also given instructions for handling the project, and no attempt seems to be being made to actually carry them out.  Instead I read messages indicating that he does not know what he is doing at all, and is not really trying to make the thing work.

As you can see, things are not going well so far.  From what appeared to be an intelligent and serious person who wanted to self-develop and fund his enormous family, we have a whinging creep who is now trying to say just enough to get more equipment without doing any actual work.  I am not at all happy with this so far.

Still, I did this with the full knowledge that it was possible that he would just sell all of it, in which case I need not bother with this silly dude again, so the situation is not beyond saving if the recipient pulls his finger out.

I have been told a story from Germany, which indicated that African workers in Germany managed to work like Germans, and when that project moved to Africa, suddenly forgot how to do it.  Perhaps sunshine is to blame, or perhaps the problem is blaming other people when what you really need is a work ethic.



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Self Limiting Mantras

Continuing my series on motivational topics, here are a few more backwards-ass suggestions for people delivering motivational material, often written off as smug/pompous/dishonest ‘idiots’ by an increasingly cynical and downtrodden public:

I’m not good enough

Yeah, that is a great excuse.  Nice, vague, covers all angles.  Of course you are, and if you are not, then you need to break your goal into manageable chunks and take it one step at a time. There are times when you can only spend ten minutes a day on your goal, whatever that happens to be, You owe it to yourself to have no regrets later.

I’m too fat

From experience, you probably got fat because you neglected yourself in favour of other people, or some imaginary idea that being a good citizen involved tasting every product that was advertised to you.  How often have you watched an advert and wondered how the very slim model possibly gets away with eating pizza/chocolate/take out food etc?  Every item you eat and every choice that you make is causing the problem.  I am more aware than most that speaking up for yourself, sleeping sufficiently, taking time for your health, relaxing is considerably more difficult and seems like less of a priority than whatever else you are doing, whether that is work or other people. Although it seems easier to shut up and eat something before rushing headlong towards your next appointment, you really need to get selfish to solve that issue.  Some people need to be rejected, some tasks need to be postponed and you need to stop hearing the insults that are preventing you from getting your romantic/professional/alternative goals fulfilled.  It is too easy to assume that you will lose weight and your life will change.  It won’t, so you might as well get on with it before you are sitting in a chair wondering where your life went and why you didn’t do whatever it is that you wanted to do. Most people would rather deal with a fat, considerate and thoughtful person than a selfish, thoughtless go-ahead bore.  If they can’t manage it, they aren’t worth your time anyway.

I’m too old

This situation is unlikely to change so either you disregard this thought, or take up dominoes instead of whatever you were planning to do.

I don’t have enough money

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this is a question of using your imagination to rethink your plans.  I have not come across an idea yet that could not have been off the ground cheaper and faster.

I don’t have time

Either your aim is not important to you, in which case why are you even thinking about it, or it is, and you will make time. This is the most lame excuse of the lot. Again it is a question of breaking down your plan into manageable chunks.

People like me don’t get to do that

Inadequacy is a boring excuse.  You are adequate.  Start from there.

They won’t listen to me anyway

Yeah, people are often assholes.  It is time you stopped listening to them. Get rid of them and do your own thing.

It’s too big a risk

Compared with finding yourself in a care home with no visitors?  If you rethink your plans, you will come up with a way of reducing your risk to a manageable level. If your priority is reducing risk, you need to take this into account and change your plans accordingly.

What if?

Yeah, you will be saying this a lot if you don’t do something about developing your life the way you want it.

It’s alright for him/her – He/she is better/more handsome/more intelligent/has contacts/more education than I do

They started out earlier than you.  So what?

That stuff only applies to America

While I concur that they are obsessed with money, self-development is not really about money. I don’t plan to charge for anything I do until I have a sufficiently solid core from which to radiate.  This takes time.  There are many ways to build your little castle in the air.  It is really up to you how you go about marketing and developing your particular product.  You do not have to turn into a brainwashed clone to engage in personal growth.

He/she is a scammer

Yeah this is another good non-specific excuse.  It is unclear why it is used so often, when speakers do relatively innocuous things (like selling health food or courses) This is really not a good reason to stop you from doing anything to help yourself.

Hope that helps.

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The Danger of Seeking Approval

As a devil-may-care type of chick, both in appearance and in attitude, I have, inevitably, attracted many desperate seekers of approval in the course of my life.  Some men seek approval as a habit, some it takes the form of a horrific psychosis.  Either way, it doesn’t tend to cut a whole lot of ice, since I am a rebellious responsibility freak who doesn’t really care what anybody thinks to a great extent.

Prior to falling stupidly in love with Wolfe, I was a very serious, very shy version who had been severely bullied for years and who wanted to make a genuine contribution to progressive thought.  I felt so stupid after this episode, that I am now an artist and fiction writer working on some instructional but fairly pointless computer games.  What a waste of a great education and work ethic.

My mother has a kind of cold war going on with her approval seeking children, and a red hot war with me, in which she kindly accepts my endless care and then complains about it.  This has led to a wider war of nuclear proportions, in which my allegedly very nice sister feels quite free to phone me the night after my mother’s stroke to advise me that the stroke, which she sat and watched before going shopping, was in fact my fault and that she was entitled to her mother’s property.  When she told my brother that I had refused to listen to this, he backed her up on it.  It is the family property unless it comes to doing any actual work, that of course is mine all mine.

Since my brother has no hope of ever getting my approval due to this lazy greed, he naturally has to turn to her to get this, and so he and my drunken sister kow tow to a psychopathic narcissist who has pursued her obsession with superiority based on bank account alone for more than twenty years.  She is also potentially violent, and so I now live with double doors locked and when they choose to visit my mother, they do so locked in an annex which means that I am safe from their unwanted and very negative attention.  The only good thing about my brother is that he is interested only in money, whereas the sisters are incredibly spiteful and try to get more complaints from my mother in order to discredit me, the most educated person out of all four of us.

Desperation for approval may look benign, but it can take extremely vicious forms.  Compared with a tiny bit of approval from somebody else, you do not matter at all, and you should identify this trait in the people around you and AVOID IT.  There is nothing more depressing than a friend you have had for years turning around and telling you that you do not matter in comparison with them getting some fleeting approval from your aging parent. Desperation for approval, therefore, involves quite a deep level of dishonesty and lack of initiative that is really not worth having in your life.  Similar to the recent studies of people who habitually swear, showing them to be more honest and hardworking, approval seekers will happily smile at you and stab you in the back if they think they will get some brownie points from some imaginary authority.

In a working context, whistleblowers are the enemies of the approval seekers, who have kept the economy in a wasteful mess for generations.  There was a golden time of growth during which change was desirable and new ideas were welcome.  This golden time has been over for nearly forty years, replaced with the desire of fat cats to maintain a level of incompetence in others which is not at all useful or pleasant.

So, to conclude, if you agree to be an approval seeker to pay your mortgage, you are spawning the next generation of useless, facile, greedy backstabbers who will continue to rape the economy until one of the African nations finally grabs the bull by the horns and takes it all away from you.  A motivated, honest and non-wasteful workforce will destroy your dreams of your third car, your triple glazing and your bullshit holiday to Cuba so that you can snigger at the poor people you spit on every day.

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The Gamebia doing very well

The Gamebia Everipedia Page


So far, this project has cost a lot of time and money, but I believe that my efforts have not gone in vain, since I have about £600 quids worth of equipment almost ready to head out to the Gambia and another £600 quidsworth awaiting my attention.  All for as little money as possible, since I do not actually have any.


The Gamebia facebook Page


At this point, the project is in profit, and has made about £100.  This is subject to change as the capital equipment gathering can be quite costly, although my salvage skills have proved extremely useful.  So basically I have saved money by learning how to fix a few brands of computer and encountering standard problems that other people do not apparently bother to learn how to fix.  You would be extremely alarmed to know how easy it is to break into your computer, for example. You might want to look at that.


The Gamebia google plus Page


Trying to explain social media to somebody who has only seen it on a mobile phone is also odd, especially as I decided fairly early on that social media was of limited use for Ina.  I have amassed a bit of knowledge along the way though, although losing the old blog was a tremendous blow as I was storing a lot of information on it.  Even if you are paying someone to manage your material, you still have to back it up because people are stupid.


The Gamebia linkedin Page


Also, trying to explain to the future owner of The Gamebia that this stuff is not actually mine, is quite interesting since I have set it up so far.  There are things I cannot do, but what I have done I have put into his name, since I will be letting go of the project once it is into a good and hopefully profitable routine.


In conclusion, the project is thus far going well and attracting some enthusiasm, although we cannot get started on the actual work until the first package arrives in the Gambia.  There are a few more things I can do, such as putting a cat video on the Gamebia youtube page to get the partnership sorted out, but mainly I seem to have taken up computer salvage so far.


Catching up with artwork for World of Interiors is high on the priority list right now – I will be in April’s edition, which will be out this month.



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