Wimping out

Sometimes, you have to know when to quit.  My sick friend came for his free therapy again this week and today left before I pushed him out the door.  Very wise.

Hundreds of pounds were spent on the Boris filming project.  My friend actually invested some of it.  The Boris mask took me several weeks to make, and because my friend would prefer that I sit and nurse him, it will now never be used.

Likewise the broadcast camera was a waste of money which I might as well sell, since there is nobody to operate it.  I am not sure that my friend realises that this, along with several years of wasted time in other ways – cooking for him for one thing, awaiting graphics for another, has damaged our relationship significantly more than his ocassional bouts of extreme violence ever did.

It is an odd thing to say, I realise, but life is complicated.  I am less bothered about his Van Gogh moments than I am with the new apathetic lump he has become.

He also appears to believe that Muslims are all 1)stupid 2)violent and 3)humorless, which is what my current piece of work is about.  Neither Boris nor I believe this, so the question is whether muslims want to contribute to this argument.

This idea is most interesting.  It is making me think a lot about my Hindu friends in India, who assured me during the Staring Brat episodes that the idea of telling everyone around me that he was married and not bothering to inform me, whilst trying very hard to exert control was entirely normal behaviour.  Not only is it not normal behaviour in my frame of reference, it is extremely unfriendly and mean-spirited, so I do not understand it.  Why would you try to control somebody when you haven’t bothered to get to know them?  Why would you try to take something from someone who is already being nice to you rather than operating on a fair playing field?  How does this work in your head?  You think it’s clever to damage other people?  Do you honestly believe your genitalia is this rare and special?

My tactics, when dealing with the Staring Brat episodes, were guided by my more generous operating principles.  I saw something in Staring Brat 2, and it is something nobody else will bother nurturing, so I felt I had to.  Whether this is right or wrong, Staring Brat 1 was unlikely to be significantly damaged no matter what I did, Staring Brat 2 however was destroyable, so I didn’t.  Instead I presented the case for fixing the over-arching problem so my little Shiva has less scope for being destructive in the future.

This is, however, me assuming that the people I dealt with are playing with the same deck I’m playing with.  Usually I find later that they are all corrupt too, but in this case we have positive results so far.  I eagerly await the final scoresheet.

I am guilty of having spent several decades in the mistaken belief that everybody else goes through life taking people as they find them and not attempting to second-guess them because I don’t do that, and if I find myself being led down a particular train of thought – eg, Wolfe is eccentric, therefore Wolfe is unscientific and wrong rather than SELLING PRODUCT IN VAST QUANTITIES – I simply question myself until I get to the bottom of it, even if it takes me several years (sorry Wolfe, but you are way ahead of me about some things, money being only one of them)

Having said all that, I left that situation and then immediately saw and fixed another problem.  Another two government departments are needling in now, so I am guessing they have similar issues.  This is what happens when you replace perfectly good permanent staff with endlessly shifting sands of people with no rights.  They get exploited and the standard of work declines.

Sorry Tories, but your methods of doing business suck, and the people making money out of this?  Unless you can hire a million oddball  people like me to call them to account over shady business practises and exploitative/incompetent staff members, they will never know how many glaring errors are destroying their country as well as their profits.

I do what I do for love.  There is only one of me, and it is high time I got rewarded for what I do.


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